Life insurance: 6 steps to new contracts

Signing a life insurance contract is not like buying bread or rolls. You can only see the goods in the town if you look at the printing of small letters in the insurance conditions.

An expert should advise you on the selection of the contract. Or at least only an employee of the insurance company, who should also observe the basic rules of insurance compliance. You do not want to know the details of your contracts and their conditions in a public place.

I recently stood in a long line at the bank. At the next window, the employee questioned the person interested in life insurance. I learned about pnov almost in: what length, when he was in surgery, how much m dt and how much he and his wife spend. With me, everyone who waited, and the bank is serviceable. I would definitely not allow such breeding to my clients, to financial advisor Tom Kuera.

In any case, the beneficiary’s bag must be prepared for a certain administrative door. Life insurance is one of the most comprehensive insurance products, so you will not find it for free sale on the Internet.

Kyear after step purchase of life insurance

1. Do you really need a life insurance policy? Then contact a financial advisor or insurance company. The advisor offers several conditions that would be more comfortable than going around.
Tip: According to the law, the person who takes out the insurance with you will be called an insurance intermediary. You must have a certificate of registration with the NB, who proves that he is qualified. Don’t be shy, you can be sure that you don’t deal with an unprofessional macro in nine branches of a multilevel.

2. You should discuss your changes in detail with a consultant or employee of the insurance company. Prepare for questions related to your family situation, financial situation and medical condition. The goal is to determine the first insurance premium how much the insurance company will pay to your loved ones if you die. It is generally said that it should be at least as high as in the morning. Then you should find out what the terms of the contract are and how much you will pay.
Tip: Ask for a house of forms, help and write down the insurance conditions. Mark the cities that are not clear to me and ask the intermediary for an explanation.

3. The self-completion of the draft insurance contract cannot be submitted, it is entered by the advisor. From vs he will need proof of integrity for the oven.
Tip: In the formula, determine who will receive the pension if you die. You don’t have to worry about the future, the so-called right person has to change, even if he or she reads you a second time, report the new bond as the current pension recipient.

4. Fill in the health questionnaire together with the draft contract. Bv in detail and ask about all the testimonials, lbu, your address and whether you drink and drink alcohol and how much. If you are insured for a fee or if the insurance does not appear in your medical questionnaire, the field will look at the examination: change the pressure, do blood tests, ECG… Sometimes the insurance company also asks for information about your property, again only for high insurance.
Tip: Don’t hide anything. If you do not change the amount of asthma, it is quite easy for the insurance company not to pay the pension at the time when it will be you.

5. Sign the draft contract. Please note that you must not be incapacitated for work on the day you do so, as the contract would not be valid according to the law. Then pay the insurance. Vtina pojioven usually wants to pay in advance. Probably so that the workers of the state will deal with only the real vn mnn suggestions.
Tip: Some sellers push to sign a contract. You want the client to compare the offer of the connected, but for five meetings they will fill in the form of one of them with the fact that it is the most suitable. And to speed up u insurance for vs and they paid. Do not apply to such pressure, but it is not for your convenience that they do not drink commission.

6. The insurance company assesses the assessment and then in the field of insurance, a document stating that you have concluded the insurance and how. If you recognize yourself as risky, you will reject me as a client. In that case, the borehole also paid the insurance premium.
Tip: If you change your mind and decide that you do not want a bond, terminate the written contract within eight weeks of signing. According to the law on insurance contracts, you have the right to a refund of the insurance premium (I can keep the amount he spent to cover the risk for the period when you were insured, ie a maximum of eight weeks).

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