Lkav input from microwaves is not free

Microwaves are small loans for poor entrepreneurs, who are not borrowed by banks. It is an exotic investment, an interesting input, but not without risk. Thus, one of the first Czech investors, Petr Stuchlk, values ​​the Czech-Mexican microfinance project.

This year, he privately invested directly in Mexican FIPS, and this was done by a company co-owned by the consulting center Fincentrum. My brother and I managed to sell some real estate, so I was looking for an interesting investment. Economist Pavel Kohout recommended Mexico to me and said that even if it didn’t work out, I would have lived in my life for everything like Stuchlk’s investment.

In addition to investing in micro-loans in Mexico, he gave two investment companies: libereck K2 Consulting and crack Best Buy Investments. It is true that when I joined the project in May this year, a number of things were not picked up, Stuchlk describes his first experience. For example, the contract stated that the years would be written in euros and went in dollars. Also, to pay 150 crowns for their regular monthly subscriptions to Czech banks, actually just for receiving a payment from Mexico, that’s enough pensions for a small investor. But these are all things that are perhaps fine-tuned to you.

In addition, you need to realize that these pensions are significantly higher on the course. The koruna strengthened sharply against the dollar and thus to the Mexican peso this year, and even broke the record for the bird. After paying to the crowns, only seven percent of the ten-percent deposit.

And besides, Mexico is also a land where microwaves bloom for poor, exotic land. In 1994, there was a banking crisis in Mexico, and at the age of eight, the president of the bank became national. That is why the market is marked and foreign banks are not here. But thanks to that, the market is not covered, according to Tom Hes, a partner in the Mexican FIPS and the Czech investment portal myElen.

Scattered investment
In order to spread the risk, the myElen portal will be set up as a work that has spread pension funds to several microfinance institutions in Mexico and gradually in other countries. In addition, the Czech investor will invest directly through the company’s micro-foreign company, which the owner of the portal myElen proves. This means that the investment is not insured as a deposit and is not subject to NB supervision.

According to statistics from microfinance institutions, the return on loans to the poor is very high: about 98 percent. The fact that the measure does not apply will be approximately the same as in the case of reasonably managed commercial banking, adds the co-founder of the project Pavel Kohout. For all investors, the whole of the microfinancial institution is worth it: if its Indian company does not meet, he will receive a pension from the input of other loans even at the profit of the Mexican company.

We do not spend on consumer goods, said Linda Hanykov, the executive director of the myElen project. These are not pensions for glue TVs. These projects are small, they bring people livelihoods and in it, even if you and your children, think about whether you will stop fulfilling, add.

FIPS payment statistics show that the disgrace in the neighbors, which would have to meet the debt for the debt, is indeed a great deal.

In the region where the Chichimk tribe lives, the liaison officer is an association who is behind the judge, a judge of the Indian court of first instance. And the rate of payments is only 0.2 percent. When I miss the good feeling of helping someone, it’s an interesting alternative to mutual funds or the stock market. But even here nothing is free, Stuchlk concludes.

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Marcelina Dionisio Velasco (39) has never been late with a single installment, Constantina Lopez, the back of the Mexican microfinance organization FIPS, in which they also have investors. Thanks to this, a team of eight neighbors from the Mexican village of Guelavichinaga San Dionicio, who were holding each other for microwaves, approved a loan. Out of 1,500, it reached five thousand pesos (about 8,700 K) for a fifty percent year.

Thanks to the micro, she was able to buy a debtor and make her own textiles. In fact, both patterns of blouses and at the market best prod. While working more efficiently, it was necessary to leave her with her husband and raise a ten-year-old son together with her mother. The profits of the walls are invested in the purchase of sheep, which they fatten and sell for meat. In those cities. vr splc tdn. Returning the pension is a problem, because the bank is not even in the nearest town thirty kilometers away from Ocotln. So he is a telegraph dog notoriously of poor quality telecom, who actually riches him in the world Mexian Slim Hel.

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