Lyask business in bad winter

The business around ski resorts is very unusual this winter. People don’t buy new lions because of the heat. While retailers with sports equipment are bleeding and talk about the worst seasons in history, on the contrary, sellers of dreams rejoice that such sales do not want to go.

Then with the sale of hls mainly producers and their sellers. “We have customers who want to stop selling, because they drank for the second year in a row. If he goes such a winter a year later, there will probably be more to go, ”says the Czech Republic represented by Blizzard characters Tom Sgalitzer.

The following weeks are a no-brainer for ski manufacturers. It is decided on orders for five winters and the main production for the 2008/2009 season will start in the spring. Only the shops did not get rid of the losk, even pedlois models.

Instead of hockey sticks or furniture
“It’s a mountain ride not last year,” confirms the director of the Novomstsk company Sporten Jn Hudk. Last year, his company cut production in the dark by half and dismissed the people due to it. The reason was the first orders.

You struggled to find orders that would prevent another slump. In addition to trying, they are also full of other business, such as making hockey sticks or garden furniture.

Let’s look for not only lye for our machines and people and others, Hudk explained. The company, which produces in addition to its features and lye for a number of other world manufacturers, also suffers from a strong crown, most of the goods are developed.

According to Sgalitzer, people do not buy mainly cheap lye this year. A lot of customers were released this year due to the spring break, so they didn’t buy lye, Sgalitzer explained.

This was visibly reflected in the results of individual stores. “More is bought in specialized specialist stores, on the contrary, large numbers are falling,” says Sgalitzer, adding that large retailers, on the other hand, will see sales of accessories.

“We have seen a very big drop,” confirms Hervis Sport CEO Ludk Semrd. According to him, this is also due to the fact that the demand in the Czech Republic has become saturated and the people do not live here as often as, for example, in Austria.

According to David Edivho, a spokesman for Gig Sport Sport, the interest in snowboard equipment fell this year, on the contrary, instead of winter equipment, people spent more, for example on sports shoes.

Vlekae was saved by a technical snh
Better results, not bag naden, hls operator lyaskch arel. They agree with the producers and sellers on one thing: don’t be afraid that the people have succumbed to the feeling that they have been skiing because of the heat.

At the same time, thanks to the silence of the snow, keep the barrels ready and shoot in the wind. “People do not perfectly develop the conditions that are in the mountains,” said Ji Blunek, the operator of lifts and cable cars, at the Association.

Lifts this year, compared to last season, do not stop the lifts, thanks to the early end of winter started in November. In addition, he was able to dream a lot of frosty days and nights.

Lots of arel, therefore, today looks known absurdly full of holy meadows petnaj bl lanes of slopes. “The season is definitely better than the one that passed,” Blunek claims. According to him, the union will not, like last year, initiate a day of state support for the fall of bad winter.

The budget is good business this year
The kind of warm winter showed that arely without dreams do not have five children. This will be recorded by the first sellers of dream lengths, which have been a record year.

“The pressure on the newsroom is growing year by year,” said Martin Petrsek of Snowmakers. They can’t rely only on the technical snow bag: they need a temperature below freezing to make it. Although there is a technology that can produce snow even at temperatures above freezing, such production is made at a breakthrough.

Even “classics for pitom are not cheap cheap, their price ranges between five hundred and eight hundred thousand crowns.

“The main problem is water distribution, getting water to the hill is the worst,” Petrsek added. According to an estimate by sellers of domestic technology, more than a thousand different types of snow cane it.

“Our rides are not nearly as born as you are in the Alps, there could be twice as many of them,” said Jan Audrlick from Audry CZ, who dreams of selling them.

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