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In which region does it pay to buy real estate and where to sell? What does the current situation of housing prices look like in the Czech Republic? Milada Kadlecov from the Institute of Regional Information Online answered your questions.

The Institute of Regional Information (IRI) is engaged in the collection and processing of land-oriented information in the field of land development, housing and tourism. Since 2000, IRI has been monitoring housing prices in the Czech Republic. The selected information is published on the iDNES.cz server HERE.

When and in which regions did housing prices rise the fastest? What can be done from the mirror of the fine? How to reliably monitor the prices of the apartment and njemnho? Where can you find the cheapest apartments and rentals? And where, on the contrary, the dearest? You asked a question about what you are interested in about housing prices HERE.

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Who answered your questions

Milada Kadlecov graduated from VE in Prague. She has more than twenty years of experience, which she gained mainly in the state of land development, where she dealt with issues of economics and housing. He currently heads the Institute of Regional Information.

M dv adult children. His free time lasts in his own vineyard and cellar farm in the South Moravian village. Rda rides a bike, skis and engages in hiking.

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