Mortgage test: It pays to get around the banks and bargain

Trying to pay off, the test showed. Out of ten enough about your mortgage –

There is currently a lot of interest in mortgages, so we performed a test to see if it was really so easy to get a mortgage. The main goal was to show how the mortgage process works, what to do when you fail, and what to watch out for.

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As real people interested in mortgages, we visited ten selected banks and tried to get a mortgage. In all cases it was the same applicant, his specific situation is described no. As we ended up, you can grow on the following daughters.

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The test took place in cooperation with the editor of esk televize and in August, so the rates and fees may differ from the current ones.

What did the mortgage applicant look like?
A single and childless applicant with a gross income of 26 thousand crowns per month (19,450 crowns net) would like to receive a mortgage in the amount of 1.5 million crowns with a maturity of twenty years and a five-year fixation of the rate year. This is a two-bedroom apartment in a panel house in Prague with a thorn price of 1.7 million crowns.

First work
If you do not apply for a mortgage, choose a few banks that you know and make an appointment with their bank in advance. Most banks have mortgage mortgage bank specialists, or the name of the branch with you on the property discussed with its director. Due to the great image of mortgages and the busyness of the responsible employees, we did not succeed in most banks for the first time without an appointment.

Can’t reach the mortgage? Don’t despair and go somewhere else
The most important thing is whether in the bank you choose, you can reach at all. The approach of individual banks to clients is very different in this respect. For example, GE Money Bank, Wstenrot hypoten banka and ivnobanka would provide our beneficiary with a million and a half, on the other hand, we left HVB Bank with only one million and one hundred and fifty thousand crowns under the given conditions.

Provided with 1.5 million CZK – if not, then what is the maximum amount of the bank
esk spoitelna1,340 thousand. K
UNDER1,289 thousand. K
GE Money Bankyear
HVB1,150 thousand. K
Mortgage bank1,283 thousand. K
Komern bank1,200 thousand. K
Raiffeisenbank1.412 thousand. K
Volksbank1,450 thousand. K
Wstenrot hypoten bankayear


It should be noted that they did not throw them anywhere. Banks try to meet the needs of clients and direct them to other conditions that will lead to a reduction in installments. This can be achieved, for example, by shortening the pillet fixation on ron and tletka, which leads to a dream years of rates, and darkening the installment. According to very often, propose to extend the maturity period to part and time, and to thirty years. If you still can’t reach your income in installments, you will not be able to pay more of your pension or arrest the guarantor or your roommate.

Basic parameters of offered mortgages (sorted by year rate)
BankOffered year rate (% pa)et in the bank, which will provide inclTime of confession
Wstenrot hypoten banka4,99 %born2 – 4 tdny
HVB5,02 %year2 – 3 tdny
Volksbank5,39 %year2 – 3 tdny
Raiffeisenbank5,55 %yearmax. 10 works. on
GE Money Bank5,59 %yearmax. 10 works. on
Komern bank5,71 %year14 dn
esk spoitelna5,79 %born14 dn
UNDER5,94 %year5 – 7 dn
Mortgage bank6,05 %born3 tdny
ivnobanka6,31 %born9 works. on


We came across the most favorable rate in Wstenrot, where they offered nm for 4.99% ron. On the other side of the spectrum is ivnobanka, which would provide nm for 6.31% ron. For comparison, for 1.5 million years for twenty years, pay 873,852 crowns at Wstenrot, while at the trade bank more than a million crowns (1,143,946 crowns).

The difference between the lowest and highest offered annual rate
Wstenrot hypoten bankaivnostensk bankDiff
And hit1 500 000 K1 500 000 K
Rate (% pa)4,99 %6,31 %1,32 p.b.
The time is fulfilled20 let20 let
Msn lagoon9891 K11 016 K1125 K
Total paid2 373 852 K2 643 946 K270 094 K
Of which years873 852 K1 143 946 K270 094 K

Poznmka: p.b. = procentn bod

The number of total years shown in the table is simplified. Assume that the rates of 4.99% and 6.31% do not change for the entire period of fulfillment (20 years). This is only an estimate, the rates are based on the most frequent fixation for five years. After five years, rates can rise and fall, and the total paid years thus affect.

For some banks, you can dream of the offered annual rate a bit. For example, when you have a bank in the bank to which you have your salary sent or when you arrange one of the offered insurance.

When arranging a mortgage bond, ask for an extra pension. Spltka is not the only thing you pay the bank for vr. Immediately after approval by the bank, you will want a fee for an agreed fee, which ranges from 0.75% to 1% of the fee. In our case, it ranged between 11,250 and 15,000 crowns. For all banks without distinction, you will pay 150 crowns a month for keeping a mortgage deposit here. The given item is a fee for valuing the property. SOB and Hypoten banka appreciate a simple apartment free of charge. The usual fee for valuing an apartment in a bank with banks ranges from two to six thousand crowns.

Single and monthly fees related to the mortgage
BankNegotiation feeMsn fee for the first vruReal estate appraisal fee
esk spoitelna13 500 K150 K5 – 6000 K
UNDER12 000 K150 Kselected for free, otherwise 3000 K
GE Money Bank12 000 K150 K3500 K
HVB12 000 K150 K2 – 5500 K
Mortgage bank12 000 K150 K3000 K
Komern bank12 000 K150 K3700 K
Raiffeisenbank13 500 K150 K2 – 3500 K
Volksbank11 250 K150 K4000 K
Wstenrot hypoten banka12 000 K150 K3500 K
ivnobanka15 000 K150 K4 – 4500 K


Keep at least msc on your mortgage. Banks need one or three weeks to approve a mortgage before taking the pension from the moment you provide all the documents. The most frequently required documents include an actual entry from the real estate cadastre (a flat is also required for co-ownership of the land on which the apartment stands), a copy of the cadastral map, the title holder (or as the original owner of the property) and the draft purchase agreement and contracts for future contracts.

Rady na zvr
The purchase of an apartment is mainly related to the transfer of real estate, which is paid upon a valid transfer of real estate. You don’t just pay for new buildings, that is, if you buy an apartment from a developer. Real estate transfer tax rate in ti percent of the tax base. This is either the price according to the purchase contract or the estimated price, always the one that is you.

The tax payer is the seller, ie the original owner of the apartment, but the tax guarantor is the buyer, ie you. In practice, it happens that when the seller does not pay, the tax administrator will ask him to pay the buyer. It is therefore very important to look, if necessary, with the seller.

Don’t run away from tax disputes that you have when you meet mortgages. You can dream of paying the tax base once a year for paid years, either through a tax return, or employees can apply to their employer for a fee. Confirmed for more than a year from your mortgage bank.

Try to negotiate with the bank. If you come across a favorable annual rate at a competing bank, but would like to take it elsewhere, try to submit the bank on the same terms. In a highly competitive market, as the mortgage market undoubtedly is, you are likely to succeed. For example, a representative of Komern banka suggested a similar procedure. He offered to show an attempt to match the annual rate of competition, if we bring him a competitive offer.

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