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And five weeks later, Brno will open the world’s largest small aircraft fair, which is held in the US city of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and the manufacturers will be at a significant disadvantage. Compared to the lot, when they belonged to the head of the store’s stores, their planes are significantly expensive.

The reason is a record unsuitable mix of a strong crown and a weak dollar for exports.

“The same type that we sold for about ninety thousand dollars costs 130 thousand,” said Ji Tlust, owner of TL-Ultralight, which is the third largest Czech manufacturer of small aircraft to the United States. For the second year in a row, domestic factories have been built on the American market for the second year in a row, and in the category of light sports aircraft, there are five aunts of them.

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That will change me soon. “The sales show a devastating exchange rate. trnct Czech manufacturers delivered only two aircraft to the USA in June, ”said Jan Fridrich, vice president of the Amateur Aviation Association. Compared to last year’s first half, sales for the same period to the USA fell by more than twenty percent this year.

The codes are the largest Czech manufacturer of ultralight, Kunovick Evektor Aerotechnik. “It is a disaster. The ambassador of the koruna erased its profits and does not help deliveries for the euro, ”Jaroslav Rika, a company of companies.

Last autumn, the American mortgage crisis was added to the strong crowns, which cooled the desire of Amerians to buy tracks. “The people there turn every dollar and go to buy,” to Tlust. According to Rika, the sale of customers to the vrm is thus signed on sales. “Amerian always bought everything in installments. A year ago, they spent two days, today it takes two months, “says Rika.

Defense: In pay in euros and dollars

How can manufacturers armor? According to Tlusty, the defense is one thing: shopping for euros and dollars. “In korunch u pay only wages, taxes and energy. Those quarters cost drm in euros, ”to him, who from the Union also imports paints for aircraft.

At the same time, it is trying to supply more to European markets, which are significantly more diverse than the USA, especially when it comes to regulations for summer. This means, among other things, that the manufacturer has to pass an expensive certification, especially in each European country.

“I never wanted to be fully up on the American market, what some competitors did,” to Tlust, only employed about a hundred employees and his company spent 140 million crowns last year. Eight-eight percent of the turnover was accounted for by sales to the USA, this year it will be significantly lower and Tlust pipout even that if the market situation does not change, it will have to lose.

“But I was fine with such crises. When gasoline rose from eight crowns to eight per hour, I was on the verge of bankruptcy. Customers canceled orders, ”adds Tlust.

The rival CZAW will also face financial problems, and it is the most successful in sales to the USA this year. From the beginning it is because of insolvency. The not-so-strong crown is behind its shareholder dispute issues.

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