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Don’t know the word fluctuation here. Not a single employee has left the company in the last year. And when someone ends up with them, either because of matesk or sent to the center belt. With a salary of 80,990 crowns, Citron Czech Republic is the seventh best-paying employer in the country.

Among importers of cars with fifty and more employees leads. Pt year I get to get in. “In 2006, such high bonuses were not taken on the performance of the entire group,” explains the Czech representative of the French carmaker Marc Gueudin, who speaks mainly the word discount.

“Everyone’s heard that,” he smiled. He leads fifty people who ensure the import of cars with the Lemon brand. Decide on the prices of individual models, choose dealers in individual regions, technical problems. “We have doubled sales in three years,” said Gueudin, who had his historic company logo and a picture from Provence in his office.

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Car importers are having a very good time: sales of new cars in our country are growing at a rate of around twenty percent this year, in addition, much of the declining value of the euro in crowns. “We have no problem with the euro exchange rate,” confirms the largest car importer in the Czech Republic.

In any case, the profit of the driver is not in other countries of the European Union. Especially many car signs are sold in our country more than in western Europe. The salaries are similarly high for other domestic representations of world cars.

Fiat or Peugeot, for example, was in the top 50. The secretary of the Association of Car Importers Pavel Tunkl for high salaries in companies that bring cars here and then there is a sale, see mainly the high efficiency of branch work.

“They are small businesses, but at the same time take care of the big ones with the stores. There are fewer people out there who need several people elsewhere, ”said Tunkl.

The automotive industry is generally one of the best paid industries, and car imports are obviously the best way to earn an overpayment of all those industries.

High salaries for importers also deny that wages are often directly related to the economic results of the company. And imports are due to strong crowns and growing sales. “Our employees have a profit, but they have a fixed stanza,” said Radek Matthey of Peugeot in the Czech Republic.

Importers are usually the same size, employing about fifty people. And I don’t pay you much thanks to them. “Last year, we achieved great stabilization. It is normal for other companies to try to get our employees, ”said Matthey.

According to Gueudin, the company Citron does not need to accept people, it wants to stay with the fifty employees in the years to come. Lemon takes care of it: in addition to the above-average salary, employees from the company have retirement benefits, so the employer pays them a life insurance.

“It’s necessary, drive a lot,” Gueudin explained. In addition, they have free fitness centers, meal vouchers or language training. And of course a discount on new lemons, as is the case with cars.

What are the prerequisites for people who want to work for Citron? “I have to love cars and be willing, knowledge of French is definitely such a big deal,” said Gueudin, who has been working for Citron since the end of the round. He went to the Czech Republic from Poland, where he also brought cars with the same characters.

In Czech, he achieved that there is a paradoxically Lemon, more than Peugeot, which bought the carmaker in the seventies of the last century. The best-selling model is the Berlingo for several years. Lemon wants to go this year and gave you stores all over the country.

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16. BASF 82 365 K
17. Citron R 80 990 K
18. DHL Inf. Services 80 442 K

Note: the average is the average wage

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