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Mandatory ruins will increase by 6 percent for the largest banks. After seven years, there will be a noticeable competition between insurance companies, which sell compulsory car insurance. According to the beliefs of published prices for five years, the companies were divided into two groups.

The biggest players on the market, the Czech Insurance Company (until 2000 it had a monopoly) and Kooperativa, raise the basic prices of these compulsory insurance policies by about six percent. Together, they own two-thirds of the ruen market, which covers more than 5.5 million cars.

stocks with a sharp name, such as Generali, SOB Pojiovna and Allianz, basic prices are not at all, or only very low. The insurance company, on which 21.6 billion crowns were collected last year, this year saw the ninth insurance company – Wstenrot. So play the new rates, for example for students and old people, who should help them kick new clients.

The price comparison is therefore still difficult, they could save “informed” and several thousand crowns on all differences in insurance policies.

The largest company and Kooperativa remain in the first year of the year in the subsequent separation of prices only according to the volume of the engine. “We don’t know how to live permanently according to the city,” said Vclav Blek, speaking to the Czech company.

obligatory ruen. About how much?

It is less expensive than the price of the hunter who takes out the car insurance. If you got a car in Prague, you have to deal with the price for half of you not in a small village. “Czech and I will then go a little further to the countryside, but cheaper in big cities and Prague,” said Marek Vch, Kooperativa’s talk.

The largest insurance companies derive a 6% increase in basic prices, especially through codes, rising repair costs and compensation for injuries. According to the Czech statistical series from this summer, prices in services have increased by only one percent in the last year. According to statistics, their prices have even fallen compared to the previous year, albeit only slightly by one percent. Sheet metal, repair work and put materials at the same time have at the base of the bonded under about 60 percent.

In the case of hospitals, hospitals and various reimbursements, there is a residue associated with healthy damage, but the rest, which, according to Vcha, grows rapidly. The average debt from which the compensation is derived in the Czech Republic increased by about seven percent in the first half of the year. If in the first year the reimbursements for the damage caused by storms rise, this will also affect the price of insurance policies.

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No prices for diesel?

The owner of the car will add diesel to the current system of dividing rates according to the volume of the engine. Especially in the case of older cars, “Nafk” needs the same amount of power as a petrol engine in volume, and therefore an expensive fuse. “From my point of view, both cars are exactly the same, the difference in insurance is in mm case about 4500 crowns,” to Pavel Zabransk. At work, I use a petrol fabia with a 1.2 engine and at home a Felicia with a diesel engine 1.9.

The cooperative with which it is insured is not preparing any changes (as well as other insurance companies) that would take this into account. According to the talk, diesels are usually cars that drive a mile, and they are therefore at risk of an accident. Wstenrot wants to cling to their idiots, which is the only company to pay rates according to performance.

How to insure the price of compulsory insurance without a bonus

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Source: top-pojisteni.cz

Note: if the rates are the same, the insurance company does not differentiate between the city of residence; rates are valid for a specific case; The esk business insurance company was not included because not all data were available.

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