Oil has not yet risen to fuel in R, gasoline is the same

Even though oil prices on world markets are rising steadily, they have not had much impact on fuel in recent weeks. Their prices are similar. Gasoline costs the same as last week 32.60 crowns per liter. Diesel fell by seven halls, to 34.90 crowns per liter.

“Oil prices have been leveled by a strong koruna,” said an analyst at Colosseum tpn Prko. Even in the next week, there will be no significant changes.

The best gasoline was produced in Prague, they paid an average of 33.03 crowns per liter for it. In the remaining regions, Natural 95 is available for a price under 33 crowns. The cheapest gasoline can be used in the Krumlov region, where a liter costs 32.34 crowns.

The most expensive diesel can be put in the same way as last week at Vysoin, where a liter costs 35.29 crowns. It costs over 35 crowns in Prague, Central Bohemia and the South Moravian Region. On the other hand, I want to pay the least for it in the Stecký region, where it costs 34.61 crowns per liter.

The G8 is decisive
“The most important current event in the oil market is the ongoing G8 meeting in Japan, where the oil runway will be one of the most important topics. The summit could present signs of changes in the energy policies of the world’s most important economies, “said Tpn Prko.

According to him, the price is still high on Israel’s possible conflict with Germany. “If this dispute is resolved, oil prices could fall sharply,” he added.

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