Oil in the Czech Republic is often expensive not abroad

The price of oil is high and fuels are breaking records in the Czech Republic. According to Sdruen gas stations R, however, Czech diesel is expensive not to fall outside the Czech borders, due to high excise taxes.

According to Ivan Indrka from the Association of Petrol Stations R, nothing is likely to change. According to him, the tax day is irrelevant.

“Reducing taxes, and then making them cheaper, would be suitable for motorists, but it would mean demand. It would be a very short time, ”said iDNES.cz.

The European Union sets no minimum tax limits. Thanks to the strong crowns, however, the Czech Republic is easily overcome. The minimum rate set by the Union is 3029 for diesel and EUR 359 per petrol for petrol. Czech select 396 and 472 euros, respectively.

“Thanks to your excise tax, it is now easier to refuel it in Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria and Spain,” said Indrek.

Nafta se nyn prodv za 34 korun, a je tak tm o dv koruny dra ne benzin.

If the state did not proceed to reduce the tax, it can only be assumed that diesel could be significantly cheaper again than gasoline. However, this is unlikely because the excise duty means a significant income from the central budget. Indrek estimates it at 60 billion crowns from fuel sales alone. This was also confirmed by Radek Leatka from the press department of the Ministry of Finance. “We don’t have information that the tax will change in any way,” he said.

“A dream of a crown would mean the loss of six billion incomes, which the state cannot afford. The consumer is practically unaware of a dozen or fifty halls, “Indrek said.” Therefore, it is to be expected that taxes will increase in other countries as well. ”

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