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ivotn pojitn? Remember, I’m sure someone offered it to her. Do you know when it pays off, when it is left over and when you can sell on it? Ji Btk, ING’s director of life insurance, answered your questions.

Seventeen of the 26 associations associated in the Czech Association of Associations offer life insurance. Nevertheless, the number of life insurance policies lags behind advanced countries, where life insurance is a matter of course and long-term pension benefits are recognized in insurance companies together with pension funds.

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Life insurance is used to secure a family or close financial individuals in the event of a resident. It plays an important role as a bill for the mortgage, mortgage, etc. Although the life insurance primarily provides financial coverage for a number of risks, such as death, once, due to illness and disability, we can also represent a virtually certain spoc product that does not cover the risk.

Is it worth taking it out then? When to think about nm and how are the fees associated with nm? Ji Btk answered these and asked questions.

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Ji Bk studied actuarial mathematics at Charles University in 1995. Since then she has been a member of the esk company aktur. He began to devote himself to life insurance while studying at the Nationale Nederlanden (later ING), where he joined as an actuary after graduating. After a gradual career growth, in 2003 he became the director of life insurance ING, which he is still. He is in charge of product development, as well as its distribution, and is responsible for the results of the life insurance company. Je enat, m dv dti.

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