On the road with krl zkch alleys. How to make a pop?

Uncle Jr, he’ll ride, ride with the ashes, singing the band Kaprek in the corner. Children’s dream of every other boy does not have to be so unreal. Salary 30 thousand, work in the cabins of Mercedes and the end of the shift after obd.

Prce ofra um bt pkn ubjejc. You drive on the road at the same speed, you go to the petrol station, spend the night in the cabins on the answers… No wonder they are simply not there and the transport companies are missing thousands. Toit the steering wheel no one even in ash cars. And that is why they are bored on the road and they do not be afraid of their lives and you can go out in the sun.

Personally, I enjoyed that when I drive from you in the morning, it comes out of the crew, the second and last, I’m a full house. And I don’t have to go far, just around the chamber, to František Souek, when he choose an arrest around the male incinerator. Five years ago, he started driving a Ash car, currently sitting behind screens in the AVE dispatch center (this time he just jumped back behind the wheel to ride us).

Do not allow the original profession. It’s basically a luxury job in the heat, compared to driving a truck, there is a lot of free time. The salary is paid according to the number of hours, the fees are for all passports, holidays, weekends. In Prague, the hunter bn spent about 30 thousand gross. To do this, meal vouchers, a connection to the pension connected. Not even a lot of people in the offices, me Souek and even more, in the regions where his company has such branches, it’s a bit less.

Reinforcements from Ukraine

So how many people would they actually need? In Prague there are about five, in the regions about 15, together about twenty. The biggest problem is, of course, in Prague, no one wants to get behind the wheel, at least the feeling. From January, we should even have reinforcements from Ukraine. On the other hand, it is a bit better in Vysoin or northern Moravia, empty cities can be filled quite quickly, he explains.

The average age of AVE is around the age of fifty, because young people often have a problem that they do not have the necessary paperwork. It is expensive, around 40 and 50 thousand including professions. We have also started to offer that we will pay for this hundred future offers if they are used for a period of three years. That’s a good motivation for the Souek.

As well as the fact that his company is new to the new Mercedes. Monost dit meka, there should be something to do with the right guy. And moreover popelskho! Who didn’t want to be ashes as a boy? Well, yes, and I always wanted to get behind the wheel, laughs František Souek and offer to change.

idik on nklak mm, also of course resist it. It’s nice that you can’t climb or get into the trambus cabs. Just get in there, get on like a low-cost bus.

I slide the steering wheel behind the clap and immediately swing on the air-suspended seat. And it’s not the only moss dampened in this car. If he drank on a ride after a broken field or on a landfill, raise his chassis by 30 centimeters. Let’s try it only for sure. It’s great, just be careful when you get out, when you forget about it, you can even beat yourself up, the dispatcher laughs.

As se d Popelsk Mercedes

And go to him. Allison automatic transmission is controlled by only the pushbuttons. So all you have to do is press D, enable the miniature air run lever soon, the typical tss tss does, and stick to the throttle. The bottom of the rocket does not accelerate, the furnace only, ten-ton car can not have a tap as a person. Eat a pig. It can start at a maximum speed of 90 kilometers per hour, then it switches off electronically.

Although I know I have to find myself like any other train, the feeling in the first turn is still a bit strange, the cabin is immediately asleep, seven because a little before the front axle as in a tram. But it has a perfect insight and an estimate of where the car will fit. This is the first time in a garbage truck – a short street – veledleit.

And it’s great to see in the back: the mirrors are huge, complemented by rides, I can see them on the front wheels, and also a camera with a separate display. At nm I see where the song is backing. The bag also rides on the backs of people on the back.

If you think that an ashtray will only drive for a kilometer, this may not be true. On average, this particular car ran two hundred kilometers a day in Prague, with the most entertaining area: Stodlky, Smchov. With a lot of steep streets, where you drive seven kilometers and take a whole 12 tons, that’s a treat, Souek mentions the finesse of the craft.

Along with the idea of ​​driving two cars in smaller cars, on all three members of the crew, one pulls out the trash can, gave a dump (of course, by softening the button on the car), the aunt again cleans them back. There are not many safety fumes here, sometimes even eight hours do not go for eight hours of working hours. You have to follow it, but this is not a problem. No guys, how many times did it take a quarter-hour break. We don’t have to use a tachograph, we have an exception from the law, k.

However, all cars are controlled by GPS, the dispatcher sees not only the car, but also whether loading. This is due to the proof that we actually exported the dustbin, both people complain about it, while the neighbor filled it for themselves, add Souek. idie pr but don’t bother in any way. The best thing is that when you work long as you have, no one bothers you. dn f vm don’t sit around your neck and leave the house with a certain head, close.

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