One day you’ll be dripping like a gas canister

Under the lines, they will run out of oil one day. You don’t have to be here: it will be so expensive that you will stop buying it before you go. The people will take a full ndr to vro weddings and such.

But vn. Some time ago, it was suggested that oil could sometimes cost a hundred dollars a barrel. It looked crazy. It only costs you $ 130 and those who want to be seen on TV, prophesy that it will be two hundred.

And for no reason: it has fired 1,300 percent in the last ten years. (That was, unfortunately, right.) This will hurt us. It almost looks like a wall amputation of our comfort and straightforward life. Meme s tm nco dlat?

But sure. When I spent a week searching the Internet for conspiracy theories about the darkness of Arabs and oil companies silencing the inventors of oil-free cars and putting their inventions in a safe, I also came across a counter-conspiracy.

If it succeeded, the oil would be worth twenty dollars. All you have to do is twist the rules upside down. Today it is like this: we want their oil, so they dictate the price. Upside down: they need our pensions, so we determine the price. Okay, right?

M to hek. They dr under our necks, not us. We can’t do much without our oil without their oil. Besides, they don’t raise the price themselves. They can take her bag. He’s a solution when a little vc cocks.

The sweat is that they are fully open. Russia claims that you have reached the top, Sadov is going so fast. Under the news at first about new, sensational discoveries of oil, but the fact is cruel as the diagnosis of an oncologist: the world rides on an old oil field, the new ones are small or will be (mon) available in ten years.

Canister under the tree

Pain in the morning and we will only be surprised to find out where the oil will go. From lipsticks to Italian pagetas in your supermarket, because they have to get there by truck. It’s not just about gas stations.

We can think that we are in a hurry because the strong crown worked like an airbag. It’s just a doasn illusion. When the world is sick and its goods are dear, we will chase too. Elsewhere, you dream of lit.

In America, where to pay a full bill today, not five years ago, sales of “tanks”, ie city “ternnch” cars, fell sharply. According to the Los Angeles Times, requirements are written for hybrid vehicles where the bn engine is powered by electric motors.

Automakers are quickly investing in the development of alternative engines. And it’s not just the question of America: in France and Spain they sold half a “tank” last year, not two.

How it will end? Finannk George Soros claims that everything is just a bubble and prices will collapse again. Only then will you find that some Asian countries have the same per capita oil consumption as the United States in 1905 and even drive 37 million cars, while in America 250 million. That will change quickly.

Oil will rise and prices will rise. Welcome to patnch as. The only thing: know what will be the most precious drone in the flight.

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