Owned as an investment: to whom and when to pay

Investing in one’s own home is one of the biggest investments in our lives. If we do not live in our own property, but in it, we must constantly pay someone for being able to use his property. We pay for the apartment and will never be n. How to save the property?

The value of living in the daytime often exceeds a million crowns, and it is not enough that you can learn from a few small payments. The amount we pay for our own apartment or house is a few of our ronch income. That is why it is worth thinking and fulfilling everything in time. In such a large volume of pensions, it is easy to learn a significant amount. Or, conversely, to lose. They often use young people who are not settled and do not want to be taken to one city. Nap. after graduating from college I work for 2 years, then they go abroad for a year and after returning I work in another city. There it is understandable.

For people who work and earn money, who want to live in one city, it is appropriate to start their own housing. When we invest pensions, we want them to multiply, to be valued, and possibly to be able to draw on them. In the case of a real estate investment, let’s pay pensions so that we don’t have to pay constantly and we save money. Investing in real estate with investing cash pensions one together. Let’s take pensions to pay us (retire) give pensions. We do not always have enough pensions, but you can get them and instead of paying them we will meet the payroll.

At present, the installments are comparable to the payment of rent. The dispute is also evident in the first months. In the next months, driving is more obvious, because it is likely to grow in the long run and the installment will remain the same. We don’t have to pay anything at all after paying off the ra. In the case of paying rent, we would pay constantly and constantly. In the treasure on the chart. 24 in the dark with a value living in the amount of 1,000,000 K and we borrow for the whole hundred51) and for 20 years. Then with an annual rate of 7%.

In a fine dependence on the location and quality of living

We believe that he will be able to substitute taxes according to his region. In it, the balance is comparable to the installment, either a little less or a little less. If the bag grows piblin with in fl ac (rising real estate prices, rising wages, there are reasons for growth), there is not a long time when rent will be over in installments. In our case, this will happen after ten years. Then the payment is not comparable. After paying off the bill (in our case after twenty years) the property is on and we do not have to pay anything. If we hadn’t decided to do it twenty years ago, we would still have to pay for it.

which bank is the cheapest, which is the best?

How to property on the property?

The property has the value of several ronch pjm. Therefore, to save the necessary volume of pensions will mean saving long and saving intensively. To save for an apartment for 1,000,000 K in ten years, it would mean a savings of about 8,000 K msn. In ten years, we will save a total of about 1,000,000 K. When we save the pension reasonably and achieve a contribution of 6% ron, we will have about 1.3 million K in ten years. This could be enough to buy an apartment, which today costs 1 million. However, its price should not grow faster than 3% ron.

Spoen 8,000 K msn is not very small and it would help us solve the problem in ten years. But what about today? we often need to live somewhere today. We probably can’t afford to pay it and save 8,000 K msn at the same time. The only way out of this situation is to use vr. We will meet the city of a long spoen for a long time. The volumes from vr are no harder than the volumes from spoons. In both cases, the salary: we have to pay, otherwise we don’t live.

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