Pbh like a fairy tale: how a poor boy named Pupp became a god

six generations of the Pupp family led the Karlovy Vary Grandhotel Pupp to the worlds of slv. At the moment of arrest was a young, clever and ambitious sugar. tte gave an incredible business story from the series Secrets of Famous Families.

The Grandhotel Pupp, as we know it today, was founded in 1907, but the founder of the Pupp family went into town in 1767. It was Johann Georg Pupp, the clever and ambitious sugar of Count Chotek.

The history of the Grandhotel Pupp is known as a fairy tale about a poor boy, only with a suitable piece of change does he not become a god, to the historian of the Karlovy Vary Museum Stanislav Burach, who researched the history of the Pupp family. Pbh Puppu is a bag true, it makes it more expensive.


The founder of the famous family of Karlovy Vary hotels, Johann Georg Pupp, was born in 1743, his original name was Popp or Pop, and after 1775 he became known as Pupp. For, I don’t know that today.

But let’s know that you found yourself with the famous Karlovy Vary sugar and Mitterbacher’s coffee shop. There he also met his future wife Franziska, whom he married in 1775. In the registry file, jet is given his name as Popp.

Both husbands had an entrepreneurial spirit and, thanks to the wedding ceremony, probably had enough funds. In 1775, Franziska bought an aunt of the so-called Lusthaus (Czech service), and acquired a second aunt a year later. The rest was bought in 1778 by his manel. The foundations of the family’s property, which made the Karlovy Vary hotel industry famous, were laid.

esk sl belonged together with the neighboring Saxon slem to the center of Karlovy Vary’s social life. While Sask sl served the main tick in the time of Johann Georg, in the Czech Republic they met most of the men. Sask sl was acquired by Puppov and in 1890.

ikovn businessman

When Pupp first bought the Czech language, it began its boom. The big ones hosted various festivities and festivities, which took place on Friday, which had excellent acoustics, and became the site of many concerts.

Johann Georg Pupp was at the time aware of the social and economic potential of his property, and therefore invested a large amount of money in it. In 1791, the painting of two illusory frescoes in the Gothic style was given to Josef Kramolna, a former Jesuit, Karlovy Vary councilor and young Baroque, only the last quarter of a century of his life in Karlovy Vary, Stanislav Burach describes other first of the famous Pupp family.

Problm s ddictvm

In the world of 1808, Johann Georg Pupp bequeathed his firstborn son Josef, saying that if he died childless, his property would be pledged to his second-born son Johann. Vision Pupp wanted the ownership of the Czech service to remain in the hands of the family.

His fears were not lich. Joseph was enat, but he had no children. Following his father’s example, he used sugar, and his brother Johann was a haberdasher. In business, he proved to be much more capable, not his brother Josef, who also met with debts.

And first there was a split in the Pupp families. Sick Josef, on the advice of a lawyer, donated the property of St. Barbara. His brother Johann demanded an excellent Czech court service, but lost his own. Barbara eventually paid for the dispute, she was persecuted by the owner and her property was finally declared bankrupt in 1828.

Vitel demanded sums of 14 thousand gold, while the property was estimated at 11,260 gold. esk sl, the birth of the later famous Grandhotel Pupp, peel into other people’s hands, true, the walls between them were related Pupp.

Although Johann Pupp fought for the property with the first handle, his descendants still closely watched the situation. His son Heinrich Johann Wilhelm, who was born in 1813, proved to be a skilled businessman. By the time of his death in 1864, he had managed to recover, and by the inheritance or through various courts, those of the property. The left was bought in 1868 by his wife Theresia for a hundred thousand gold coins. Her sons Anton, Julius and Heinrich then acquired the property those days before her death in 1872.

Return of family property

It was an extraordinarily glorious moment for the family, after almost 50 years of hard work, the Czech Republic got back into the drains of the Pupp family, the Karlovy Vary historian Stanislav Burach reveals.

In 1890, the Pupp family, represented by brothers Anton, Julius and Heinrich, acquired the original Sask sl. Tho of the year is founded a family stock company. Gradually the brothers bought the houses and land in the vicinity of the Czech and Saxon services and had the old buildings demolished.

Later, the company introduced the so-called Etablissement Pupp to the old architects Fellner and Helmer, so that this set of individual buildings could be conceived in the Neo-Baroque style of the Grandhotel Pupp in 1907. The reconstruction gave the whole area of ​​the unit an architectural right, which lasted for days.

In the years 1922-1923, the culmination of the culmination and thus the modernization of the entire hotel culminated. Each room had its own bathroom with hot and cold water, and the biggest hurdle was the fact that before the arrest of the kind of worlds wolves, Puppm horses managed to buy the last of the buildings Dm Bo oko, today Caf Pupp.

After 1945, the gold from the pearl of the Karlovy Vary hotel industry faded. The famous name even disappeared from the facade of the hotel. Grandhotel Pupp became the decision of the Grandhotel Moskva. The famous name was given up after 1989.

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