Pd furniture icons: The first employees receive a notice

A strong crown and strong competition brought the Nbytksk industry in Rousnov to its knees. The first employees will receive a notice. “I’m sorry, the whole management, that it turned out that way,” said Jitony Sobslav CEO Miroslav Novotn after returning from a meeting with the unions. First of all, he officially announced that the Rousnov company will close the company and dismiss all employees.

When will you start giving a story?
We proceed according to the end of the work, first we must carefully announce the series of work, the union and the employees. The actual act of redistribution will occur at the end of May and the next two months will expire on employees.

Will you be producing in Rousnov until the end of July? When does the deadline end?

We will not make the production of alloun’s furniture two until we have fulfilled all the volumes you know from our customers. It’s after mid-July. In the next two weeks, vacationing will be allowed.

Is it true that some people leave to go two and receive a vote in April?
Yippee. We want to reduce the number of employees to the volume of orders we have to go. It will involve twenty-seven, a maximum of twenty-nine employees. We will definitely go to write it down by Monday. They will receive statements due to redundancy, their employment will lose two months. The program, which we have processed with a number of works in Vykov, also applies to them.

Proxious employees will receive tmsn severance pay
Yes, and this also applies to the group, which will receive a statement in April.

How did you die with arel as soon as the production is over?

We will look for buyers for him. I don’t think it will go fast, so I can imagine that we will not find buyers, we will rent the premises to business entities, which are interested in the speech.

Didn’t you think that you would sell the seduction to the employees as well, how would the unions bother you? that they would just move from one company to another?

We thought about that as well, but there are no preconditions that someone would buy arel in this form today. Due to how big the seduction is and how scattered it is, there is alounick production.

When Philip Morris left Hodonna some time ago, he offered a production area of ​​the city, just for a crown. Give a similar offer of Rousnov’s revenge?

Such weights were only in the planes of theory. Rousnov is much smaller than Hodonn and moreover, Arel is so widespread that the future owner must be a big strategic recipient. I do not mean only the furniture, these spaces are also suitable for other types of production.

If no buyer is found, will you sell Arel by the hundreds?

The sale of the hall in hundreds in this period will not change us. Even in other cases, when we did something like this, we always preferred to sell the whole area. And we will do the same now.

In the press, first to the closure of the Rousnov plant, it is stated that aluminum production is due to loss of competitiveness, cheap imports and strong crowns. It is not possible to make a bag about making it into the Rousnov tables for Ikea. Village of him?
In the bottom case, we will carry out this project in another lead to groups, namely in Klatovy. Due to them investment requirements.

I understand the cost in such a way that even in the Klatovy seduction you would not have to invest as much as in Rousnov because of this order?
D it’s like that. Due to this order, we needed to invest about one hundred and six million million crowns in the Rousnov leadership, which is quite a significant amount, and three sources were supposed to contribute to this. We managed to get two of them, but not that aunt. That is why we have chosen a variant that is far from investin nron, and we are still able to carry out this project at the company.

Jiton is owned by the company Espandia, which, according to some information, is trying to return to the market with the UP brand, with which the great history of Rousnov is connected. What will sn be? I mean the UP sign?
The project to revive these characters exists and is under the auspices of our majority owner. B outside our company and our marketing activities. The furniture under this sign is made in Jiton, but it is a completely different business that will not meet the business and furniture of Jiton.

How does Jiton suffer a strong crown?

With a one-percent percent for the euro and a twenty-percent percent for the British pound, problems must arise, not least in the domestic industry. No one is able to absorb such a huge leap in such a short time. And it is true that the development of the Czech Republic also affected Allounic products from Rousnov. Although they are very high quality and are delivered to the German market, which is among the nronj. He does not want to accept such a price, and we are not able or willing to subsidize this production.

the end of Jiton’s allounic production?

Well. Uzavenm rousnovskho zvodu Jitona pln a discount from the production of an unfinished house.

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