Pedluen’s family budget can be saved by an American mortgage

Manel Jarolmek got into a situation where he would not be able to fully repay the loans due to the prediction of consumer and cash. One of the een ways to relieve the family budget is the American mortgage. This would help them break down the installments over a long period of time.

Family situation
Martin (33) and Eva (29) Jarolmek currently lived with Eva’s family in a family house on the outskirts of a central town. They have a daughter, Elika, together, and at the end of that year he gave a finger to the family. The total income of the household is not reversible, it is on average around 24,000 crowns per month. Martin works in a local electronics factory and Eva is a salesman. With Eva going on maternity leave, family incomes are reduced by about 3,000 crowns per month. Manel will meet consumer demand of more than 11,000 K msn. With Eva going on maternity leave, the family gets into a financial situation.

Manel wants to dream of paying back expenses so that they have as many resources as they can freely dispose of. The financial situation of the Jarolmkovs is complicated, as well as at present at the time of the basic foundation of family finances. Martin and Eva spared their budgets with very expensive (thanks to high annual rates) cash and non-bank accounts. A substantial part of these funds were used to improve their existing housing and household equipment, which could be financed by a much cheaper mortgage loan or a loan from a building society.

The total cost of all currency installments is almost 11,000 K. Manelm therefore has only 10,000 K per msc of livelihoods. The situation must be resolved as soon as possible, because Jarolmek does not have days of free funds from which at least some of the vrains could be paid off. Zstv otzkou jak.

How to do it
We have already changed that Jarolmek will pay a fortune of approximately 11,000 K. The outstanding principal of cash and non-bank loans amounts to a total of 195,000 K. One of the possible options for refinancing debt is the so-called American mortgage.

Details on the American mortgage can be found HERE

The family eventually opted for an American mortgage in the amount of 300,000 K with a maturity of 20 years. As a result, they will be able to run a financial reserve of more than 100,000 K. As a pledge, they will use the family house of Eva’s parents, which has a thorn value of 1.6 million crowns, which is not enough for this case. vr, which they will take, will therefore look as follows: 300,000 K, maturity for 20 years, monthly payment 2380 K (then with an annual rate of 7.3% pa). the dispute from msnch spltek is therefore about 8500 K.

Hints and tips

The right choice of the appropriate way of financing your needs, the type of heat and the security, I often have little money and worries.

At the same time, it is very important not to overestimate your financial resources. It is primarily the first of all consequences that can negatively affect future life.

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