Pekonat Bau is for a long time to him, his products are in each kitchen

We will boil many of us in his pot, and feed him with his legs, and put bread on his meat, and we will eat of his jars. Petr Chmela is the co-owner of Tescoma, which equips our kitchen. Jan vd in the magazine Vkend MF Dnes talks about how the original musician became an entrepreneur.

Two comrades, who first graduated from the conservatory, went to a pub at the age of ninety and thought about where they could do business. Above the food of one of them, it occurred to us: we will sell lychees, noah, tale. Everywhere in the world you need to have an equipped kitchen.

I don’t remember the exact day when the idea arose, to Petr Chmela, who last year won the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award in the burrow. It is certain that the year was 1992 and we went to Frankfurt for the first foreign trade fair, where it shone with stainless steel and beautiful furniture. That fascinated us.

They threw themselves into business and set aside music. Bubenk Petr Chmela and guitarist Ji Vaculk were well known from the big beats of the band Symfonik Rumpl. In the end, they did not break into the world through music, but in a completely different way, as producers of kitchen utensils.

Do you have everything equipped from your company in the kitchen at home?
Yes. And when a woman brings something new from the competition once in a while, I try it a lot. But I’m afraid if you don’t ask me about cooking.

I’m manually awkward and it’s about you. I don’t know. At home in the kitchen, however, I often test myself to test our new products. Ron will produce 300 of them in the company.

So, on average, come up with something new every working day?
Yes, we have actually patented some of them, some of which are upgrades.

Create a new product quickly?
We introduced a mill to mk. We developed it over the years to have the best possible parameters, and I think it belongs to the worlds of pizza. We prepare some products for a year, two or more years. Thanks to great design, development and technology, everything is easier but easier, 3D printers have moved tremendously ahead. We will create a model in secret, within hours we have it in our hands and we can test whether you will be dr.

What did your business arrests look like?
Very wild. We originally started selling water together to create our own chapter and something left for the music, and then the kitchen goods entered it. We had our own garage for music rehearsals and a rented double garage for business arrests at the very other end of Zlín. We traveled around the country and to Slovakia and shared our know-how on those spoons. We learned how to trade first.

How did you turn?
In the first year, it was less than a million crowns. And it was very thought that it was under a million. We have to work, we said and after a year it was 30 million. Then it flew steeply up, I don’t remember the song. Today, we have a cumulative worldwide turnover of around two billion.


Is it safe to smoke? In the Saturday issue you will find a recipe for non-pouring cakes.

This year, Tescoma celebrated 25 years.
Yes. We have to go through puberty well behind us and it seems that we have managed the stage towards adulthood.

When was it the best in those years?
It was really hot. You when we had the product approved with a constant test condition and the tea pot flowed at a certain boiling point.

What did you say?
It was in full swing, first in the store, with a large advertising campaign of actress Helena Rikov on the kettle. Two aunts of stainless steel jugs were shaken by the customers and we felt like we were going bankrupt. But we stood up to it, the complaint was also acknowledged by the Italian supplier, who was represented by the young export manager Lorenzo Fiorani. We became friends with this sympathetic entrepreneurial museum and after a year with us we established our first Trans-European branch. Tescoma appeared in Italy.

Today, the company is in hundreds of countries around the world. Mnte assortment and design of goods by country?
asto. I will give an example: when we cut the handles on a set of kitchen nines, we will choose the same colors, because the Italians have red pastel shades, the Russians dark again, elsewhere. So it is clear that in Slovakia or Hungary we can sell dumplings, while in Italy or Spain we are without them.

m is a specific esk zkaznk?
Choose a lot. And thankfully, everything goes for quality, not only for prices, which did not apply years ago.

What have you sold the most over the years? Well, a pot, a pot, or…?
In general, the greatest interest is in small items, such as vegetable boxes, crumbs, pods or our constantly developing news called gadgets. It goes to statisc.

hunter after years mn car, furniture. What about kitchen equipment? Is it generic?
It’s not like it used to be. With a little bit of an eeno: when we made it just 15 years ago, it didn’t last that long because there were no such high-quality materials. Today, the customer is satisfied, we are all happy with the quality of goods, thanks to new technologies and materials, the products are manufactured according to.

Don’t just sell so much the same goods. How are you doing? irm assortment and expansion to other countries?
That’s right. We have over a thousand products, we intend to produce a complete range to suit customers as comprehensively as possible, to make goods seasonally, internally and so on.

Stle pat Tescoma two companies?
Yes, we’ve been split fifty-fifty since the arrest. Ji Vaculk et al.

Has it never fallen?
No. We’ve been a lot of friends since we started the band. Let’s talk about everything, about families, we took our fathers into business in our arrests, we gave him a relative there today. We are like a family business. I think that some entrepreneurs can see this.

How does the company say that you are the only public acting on behalf of the company?
We have so agreed. He stayed in Zln, where he grew up with his family in Prague, where it is possible to act for the company. It suits him, he is a different character. I want to go fast and right away, he is patient, contemplative. Therefore, among other things, it leads to development, where patience is the most valuable property. The kitchen products must look nice and serve in good time.

Go meet music?
After years we’ve been drilling, Rumpl oil. It’s pretty dark behind the drums, it’s nron, but it’s a great end. Let’s get a new record.

Shake my head at the name Tescom. Many people still think that it is a foreign company, not a Zlnsk.
We wanted something libozvunho that could be a bond abroad, in many languages. We sat in a pub and washed away. We swept ivory from our names, dn Chmeva or Vachme, by the instinct of self-preservation, it sounded like an installation company. It occurred to Tescom. Then we added to it after a year and the definitive name was born in Tescom.

By changing to the Czech gender, did you want to go to hand, cook?
No, said Siemens, who used Tescom in his portfolio, so we had to change that.

Stle salary that Tom Baa was your role model?
Urit! ڞ asn lovk, charismatic, work, always acted with foresight. And to go with that, it’s very funny. I had a great time getting among his birds, watching him in person for ten years, learning from him. He admired our company, sometimes I drank it with praise and pehn.

I guess he was glad that Zln made the company famous.
But the city is still Baovsk.

Doesn’t Tescoma overwhelm it?
Let’s not die now? But we have to go to work a lot and work a lot. Long years.

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