Pension funds did not stand for inflation last year, this year it will go h

Domc’s pension funds vera published the final overview of how they valued their clients’ deposits over the past year. The million million people retire on average 2.54 percent. This takes into account the size of the assets of the individual funds.

The best contributor was the Aegon Pension Fund, which accounted for 4.5 percent, but was not included in the overall statistics, as it entered the market last year. The appreciation of pensions in non-state funds last year was three tenths less, and there was no average price increase. Retirement connections thus a variety to fulfill its basic messenger, which should be glued to the st.

With the average saving of the bank, which last year amounted to only 450 crowns a month, and high inflation in future pensions will serve as a bad money laundering.

According to the estimates of the Association of Pension Funds of Milan Rusnok, who is also one of the ING funds, this year’s deposits will be the same as last year, but according to the latest estimates, inflation will probably exceed six percent. So clients will sell Reln.

The weak results of the fund are due to the fall in bond prices and the market action, in which their managers place pensions from clients, and thus Czech accounts, the fund binds them with investment hands. Due to careful management, the funds have to hold virtually risk-free securities, with which high inflation cannot be met for a long time.

According to the Czech National Bank, the real performance of the fund’s assets was even slightly questionable about last year’s financial stability. Although they spent 4.4 billion crowns, but at the same time they had to overestimate their assets, they saw 5.5 billion.

Comparing such a result with the total assets of the fund at the end of last year, it is estimated that the assets under their management decreased on average by 0.71 percent. Therefore, the owner of the fund, which are fixed banks, must fall into their own pockets. “So far, we have raised the capital by 350 million crowns,” said vera for the ING Ji Rusnok fund.

In total, according to the NB, the funds lost 6.6 percent on their investments in the stock and 12.5 percent on share certificates. The strengthening of the koruna and the growth of annual rates also had a negative impact on the value of their assets.

Pension fund income in 2007 (in%)
General 4,10
esk spoitelna 3,07
Allianz 3,05
ING 2,50
AXA 2,50*
esk pojiovna 2,40
Komern bank 2,33
SOB Established 2,20*
SOB Progress 2,20*
Ven prmr ** 2,54

* ING estimate, ** dedicated to total assets under management, source: APF R

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