Pensions for Christmas: specially wrapped sweat

At night, hurry blushes, so it’s time to look around for what was closest to you under the tree. If you lose hope that you can’t find the right thing, let’s advise you. How about a financial leap?

Pedplate treatment

For example, you can also give motorists, but also regular motorists, a so-called refueling card. What is it all about? Simply subscribe to the future owner of his route when buying fuel, or other goods at the gas station store.

CCS Czech company for payment cards, as offers first for such issues as a gift (but not only for them), loyal CCS Bonus cards. The card will cost 150 K plus VAT, you do not pay anything for the original and recharged in cash at the marked places. If you want to use the other so-called various services (eg cashless charging), you have to pay to go 1 thousand. K plus VAT. Each recharge can then be done with a minimum of 200 K, and the maximum balance of the card can be 10 thousand crowns. The standard card validity period is 3 years.

Banks will start to prepay payment cards in the Czech Republic most likely and in five years, so the cards will be charged with a certain amount of pensions to use e.g. The city of travelers will not surprise anyone under the tree this year. We can look forward to the first bills during the first half of 2007. Let’s see if they will follow the example of foreign banks with an attractive design.

Try buying the internet

Prepaid services – benefits and goods

They are not just motorists. So what else can you say for your near future? You can subscribe, for example. fitness center services (season tickets), as well as the services of a selected mobile operator (shopping with credit). In addition to these “classic” options, an interesting alternative is to buy Drek’s certificate, respectively. “Vouchers for the fulfillment of pn”. Nabz is the company Allegria, which is simply a company for profits. If you do not choose directly from the catalog, you can also buy a universal certificate in a number of financial values ​​(there are 5 variants to choose from) and the recipient will then choose the most suitable one for them according to the price of the profit.

Similar to these certificates are handy vouchers, which you can find in some retail chains and shops, for all e.g. Ahold Czech Republic, as These dragon vouchers are used only for the castle for goods displayed in Hypernova and Albert stores. So throw yourself like a dragon for those who are not sure about the correct selection of the dragon. In this way, give preference to the recipient to share what gave him or her joy and satisfaction of his ideas. The indisputable advantage of such a kite is zero side costs, because on the part of the sales chain only a nominal amount of kite vouchers without reels is required.

Under the tree you live life

An interesting tip for a drek me bt tak nap. concluded a contract on life insurance. It is possible to enter into a life insurance contract easily without the presence and consent of the insurance / gift recipient. However, this is a relatively subjective matter, which is best to consult directly with the person you want to sweat. It could easily be said that he would consider the gift a Danish one.

Donate investments in mutual funds

How do you go in another way to surprise some of your close ones? Advocate for the purchase of catch sheets in paper form. The only mutual fund that can do this in the Czech Republic is Bondinvest Investin of the company esk spoitelny. Ownership of share certificates is anonymous, the transfer of ownership first takes place only in advance. In addition, the fund pays a dividend each year. Nominal value of one cover sheet in 5 and 50 thous. crowns, in case of a request for payment of cash, you will receive the pension within 14 days.

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Financial shit goes on and on

It is easy to surprise children when, in addition to the usual clothes and dreaming toys under the tree, place a pass to a bank known here directly to the child’s name. The final representative has a so-called children’s account for the world. The offer is very wide, practically every bank offers and sets up a children’s account, usually from the age of 10. To get such a person, you usually only need the birth certificate of a child, pp. civil order, where the child is registered, and a deposit.

And if you do not want to set up a bank immediately, you can place a cash-filled pocket light in the hands of a child with a payment card. It will be connected to the bank and will allow children to choose only to a limited extent, moreover in the long term (eg weekly, etc.).

And when you choose a spray from the financial or finally other areas, keep in mind that the drink should be pleasant if your recipient should be pleasantly surprised. Therefore, choose the time and be careful not to give the recipient more codes than good.

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