Petahovan about people. New people will receive a pension, existing vpovi

eskm firmmm lacks thousands of employees, so in the competition rope people for better salaries and benefits. But existing employees don’t like it and many decide to raise the anchors. Sociologist Vojtch Bedn explains two things for the people and what strikes me.

If the lack of employees is the biggest problem of the Czech industry and business in general, let us hear daily. If there is a part of this problem, the number of employees leaving the company, which is hard to hire, is well known to me, but the same fact.

estaticetilet Tom is able, hard-working, active and honest hunter. When he recently received an offer to change his job with a noticeable increase in salary and a hiring post, VV developed and eventually moved. He needs a pension, but the main arguments were that the company had offered such a pleasant environment that two of Tom’s friends had recently left. Even though the new town now means the need to get to work, he doesn’t mind. Not only do you have a salary, but you are generally satisfied.

Tomv pbh is far from unique. At present, companies are lacking in the lack of employees, and because they cannot be found on the free labor market, they try to attract people. Motivational incentives, subscription posts and bonuses work. In reality, however, for many people, the main reason for changing the work is symbolically the last straw. The real reason is that companies have underestimated the support of existing employees in the past.

Unsuitable working environment, missing or insufficient land, especially for the working professions and my skilled work, which most people miss. Neglected internal communication, lack of willingness of the company to talk to its employees. Sometimes he despises and defeats the experience and ability of his own people, who have worked for the company for many years. Corporate culture changes hard to performance regardless of relationships.

This is only some of the nevaries. They don’t have to be so intense that they lead to exits on their own, but when a hunter gets a better offer, then under their thu vesms nevh. Especially when several colleagues, friends and acquaintances set out on this journey. The road is paved.

Fluctuations mnoh companies neum eit

a number of companies and employees, but can not respond to the problem of their turnover. Until he dropped it. Our company recruited new people who receive support and contributions. The current employees are very displeased, because even though we have received a lot, new and inexperienced more, he is now a master of production in a company that produces car parts.

The growth of production and the arrival of new people are changes that are putting pressure on existing employees. If there is also a feeling of injustice in them, as in this case, it is just another argument for you, even after many years, to raise the anchors and leave. een pitom does not have to be nron or drah. The first step companies should take is not just to raise salaries, but to ask people what they need. I would like to express my interest to my own employees.

We asked our employees what we can do to improve their working conditions. It turned out that the first problem is in unsatisfactory social equipment and so in the dining room. That’s why we started the reconstruction. The employees were given a choice of several problems with the problems of the dining room, in the end we decided to change the supplier of the department. reveal that he is standing.

If companies want to hit employees and not stick to the board of new containers, which they rebuke, they must not only invest in them, but thus show them that they are wrong. The cost of gaining new labor is known today, but the people are not just about pensions. Maintaining their support and support is priceless. If these people like Tom are honored at work, there is no need to change it, to leave, even if they promise them more pensions elsewhere.

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