Pl billion in investments helped set a record

He gave consolidation to domestic companies, but again new funds from abroad. Investors should choose from it. Last week, the fund was surprised by a period of decline and lack of investment in high sales and, above all, good fund performance.

The past week was favorable mainly for equity funds, which, without exception, sweated positive performance. Although stock markets rose slightly during the week, they ended up in the black. Domc shares also supported dividends by large domestic companies (esk Telecom, EZ, esk spoitelna). Of the equity funds, the funds from the P Invest group accounted for the most: PI New Economy Fund (+3,21 %) a PI globlnch znaek (+ 2.72%), which is the third largest equity fund. He ended up driving over two percent ivnobanka equity fund (+ 2.3%). Due to these results, the funds as a whole appreciated their portfolios by an average of 1.44%.

Bond funds have been doing it for a very week. The order in the first three places remained unchanged, but the results were slightly worse than in the previous week. ISS Trendbond (+ 0.58%) is still in the red (-2.84%), but IKS Plus bondov (+ 0.24%) in the performance year it moved to positive values ​​(+ 0.74%). Due to the short history, ISS S corporate bonds (+ 0.2%) can only boast only the best performance in the last month for bond funds (+ 0.27%). Only two funds for retail investors ended this time with questionable performance, ISS Bondinvest (-0.07%) and the newly opened SOB Kvanto koruna bonds (so far it belongs to the exchange of funds), with which trading was started last week. Investments from it and through the fees applied by the Ministry of Finance after the opening of the fund collected 3.5 million K.

In the long run, bond funds are still the best among domestic bond funds PI corporate bonds with 1.62%. For this fund, consolidation will change. Investin company P Invest has decided to merge for the first time with the fund PI corporate bonds two medium-sized exchange funds PI Moravskoslezsk a PI esk (together in assets in these two funds CZK 543 million). The merger will take place on August 7, 2004, when there should be a shortening of a newcomer with PI share certificates of corporate bonds. Members of the two merged funds may st podlov list sell the investment to the company by July 28. Sweat will become the underpinnings of the pajmajcho fund.

Even the exchange of the fund was not bad. On average, each koruna deposited in exchange funds appreciated by only 0.2%, but two funds recorded results similar to equity funds. PI Smen appreciated the portfolio by 1.34% and ISS Entries the 1.11%.

Nov irsk fond Conseque

The second novelty in the offer for domestic investors is a new fund from the Conseq group. Shares a bonds The fund is newly supplemented by a koruna fund called Conseq Invest Conservative Bond Fund. From the description of its investment strategy, it is clear that it is closely related to the money market fund: the fund invests in koruna bonds mainly short maturity; the rating of the bond must correspond at least to the investment grade (BBB rating); the average maturity of the bond must not exceed 18 msc. AND benchmark fund, jm is 6M PRIBID, hovo o mn riskovm zamenu fondu.

The fund was established on 15 January 2004, however, so far it has been offered only to corporate clients, and therefore the assets in the fund exceed it to 185 million K. Now it is also offered to small clients with a minimum investment of 10,000 K and gave a subsequent investment of at least 2,000 K. entrance fee is 0.5%. The fund has the same as both previous funds rstovou i dividendovou tdu and so does my Irish domicil.

Trading according to UNIS

Once again, sales of domestic mutual funds are not sad. The net sales for all funds reached K 113.5 million, with the largest number of new investments

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smovalo tradin do ISS Sporoinvestu. Last week, for the first time, it surpassed the value of assets in the assets of 35 billion K. ISS Sporoinvest thus represents less than 32% of assets in all domestic funds from UNIS statistics.

Bond funds are still in displeasure, and so they have seen the largest outflow of funds. A total of 115.8 million K of them were invested by investors ISS Sporotrendwhich saw 36.5 mil. K. Equity funds thus ended with a balance sheet of -24 mil. K.

Of the foreign groups, only KBC and ING provide regular sales and repurchase reports on a regular basis. KBC fund received 338 million new investments in the last week. Of which K 139.7 million to currently offered hedge funds and K 120.6 million to money market fund KBC Multi Cash SOB CZK. ING funds were also attractive to investors. Domc invested a total of 56.3 million CZK in them. It gained the most ING esk fond pennho trhu (+30 mil. K.), on the contrary by the outflow of 10 mil. K z ING eskho fondu obligac continues to domestic investors from bond funds.

In total, domestic investors invested a respectable 508 million K. Vtina went to very conservative funds, but even so we can talk about a hurry collective investment.

Type of fundThe bestThe worst
Nzev fondAs a resultNzev fondAs a result
SharesPI F. new economy3,21%SOB Stock Mix0,66%
PI globl. znaek2,72%ISS EUROTREND0,96%
ivnobanka equity fund2,30%ISS SPOROTREND1,02%
BondsISS TRENDBOND0,58%SOB QUANTITY Kurunov d.-0,18%
IKS Plus bondov0,24%SOB nadan-0,13%
ISS S korp. dluhopisov0,20%ISS BONDINVEST-0,07%
Funds fundICS Fund Fund1,00%
Pennho MarketISS SPOROINVEST0,07%ivnobanka Sporokonto0,04%
IKS Penn trh0,05%PI Penn0,04%
SOB entries0,04%
SmenPI Smen1,34%SOB QUANTITY Combined-0,32%
ISS Entries1,11%J&T AG2000-0,21%
ivnobanka dynamick0,74%SOB Kilov fond-0,14%
is sales of mil. KISS SPOROINVEST250,8ISS SPOROBOND-75,9
PI corp. bond15,3ISS SPOROTREND-36,5
IKS Penn trh14,9IKS Bonds-32,8

Zdroj: UNIS R

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