platit mousse and motorcyclist codes

A motorcycle and a car collided in the cracks in Akovice. The teenage girl who was riding behind the motorcycle suffered a wounded injury. The hospital ended up and put two accident participants.

Similarly, they appear dark at first. What about the idiot who caused this accident? In the event that he has not paid the obligatory liability, he will have to pay not only a fine to the person, but also to his health. Statistics of the Ministry of the Interior speak for themselves: from January to this year, the number of accidents involving motorcycles increased by 13 percent compared to last year.

The owner of two-wheeled vehicles is still stib pibv, not only young people, but also old people, who are tired of the plates, are tired. Even for the owner of a motorcycle pays the obligation to pay compulsory liability insurance. Although for five years some insurance companies have risen, the resulting amount is noticeably noticeable. The differences are secretly worth ten crowns.

The owner of a powerful machine has to deal with several thousand, but it is still significantly lower than the rates for a car. esk podnikatelská pojiovna offers for some types of compulsory insurance for a car and compulsory insurance for a small motorcycle up to 50 cubic centimeters free of charge.

First of all, it pays to ask the motorcycle whether to pay the crown for the limit of the insurance indemnity. Even a motorcyclist can cause a mass accident in which, for example, several cars and a bus crash. codes in vi and many plates a million crowns then pay the insurance company.

Mandatory rates for motorcycles can be found HERE

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