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Czech shares again exceeded their long-term highs, in contrast to those in the world, strongly influenced by the results list. Another hedge fund from Komern banka appeared on the market and after five weeks sales continued to return to positive territory.

One week later, it presented strong volatility in global stock markets, with wages for both US and European markets. This shows the results of the list, which brings with it a bad and good results, which does not create much certainty on the market. During the week, a large number of traditional companies did not succeed, which resulted in a fall in the Dow Jones index (-1.7%). On the contrary, the technology sector had a very good start every week, especially the manufacturers of semiconductors and computer hardware. At the end of the week, the bag brought a wave of sales and so the whole sector was spinning in the dark where it started (Nasdaq + 0.15%).

full opan scn took place on the Prague Stock Exchange. She lives her life, as if one day in the surrounding world did not meet at all with good pedigree analysts. The week started badly, but during the week it gradually recovered from the decline and on Thursday it reached its long-term high, when the PX 50 index reached 910.5 points and the SPAD PX-D segment index reached 2250 points.

However, stagnation could not affect the good results (PX 50 +2,49 %, PX-D + 2.27%). The domestic action was similar on the over-the-counter RM-System, when the PX 30 index closed the week at 1280.6 points, which means a weekly growth of 1.9%.

Domc funds relatively spn

In contrast to last week, the Domestic Fund in the statistics of the Union of Investment Companies (UNIS) was quite successful, both in terms of performance and in terms of net sales. Bond funds performed best in the performance week. All funds in these groups recorded a weekly growth. The fund did the most IKS Bonds (+ 0.39%), which is mainly converted to the Czech bond market. The funds prove the good form of Central European and Entrance European bonds ISS Trendbond (+0,36 %) a ivnobanka – oblige (+0,33 %).

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It does not surprise anyone that such a money market fund has been successful for a long time. They’re the best at it IKS Penn trh (+0,10 %), PI Pennho Market (+0,08 %) a ivnobanka Sporokonto (+ 0.07%). Of the smench fund, the fund was best placed IKS Balancovan (+ 0.99%), which is mainly focused on domestic assets. Not even the fund lags behind UNDER stedoevropsk (+ 0.62%). On the contrary, the fund did not succeed at all J&T Opportunity CZK s tdenn performance -1.32%.

Among equity funds, the technology-oriented fund was the most successful PI new economy (+ 2.30%) and so European replacement ISS Sporotrend (+ 1.02%). SOB Akci’s mix (-1.08%) was placed on the other side. The worst of this was the passing of the fund’s funds, and both representatives fell deep into the monk. Fund ISS Globaltrend (-2.04%) did not help that the majority of the portfolio consists of US stocks and much of it was not even ICS Fund Fund (-1,22 %).

ist sales thus grew

In the statistics of certain sales, the fund was doing so, with a total of almost 281 million K. The best was, as usual ISS Sporoinvest with the same sales of CZK 199.1 million, the IKS Penn market ended in second place this time (+ 62.1 million CZK) and thus postponed the KB Max Worlds guaranteed fund with sales of CZK 61.3 million to this city. .

Bond funds continue to outflow, with funds losing the most ISS Sporobond (-18.6 million K), IKS Bonds (-18.2 million K) and SOB Bond mix (-8.7 million K). The results are much better than last week.

Trading according to UNIS

Type of fundThe bestThe worst
Nzev fondAs a resultNzev fondAs a result
SharesPI new economy2,30%SOB Stock Mix-1,08%
ISS-SPOROTREND1,02%IKS Svtovch index-0,18%
PI globl. znaek0,80%ISS-EUROTREND-0,06%
BondsIKS Bonds0,39%ivnobanka-Nadan0,05%
ISS-TRENDBOND0,36%ISS-S korp. dluhop.0,07%
ivnobanka-oblige0,33%PI corp. bond0,10%
Funds fundICS Fund Fund-1,22%
Pennho MarketIKS Penn trh0,10%ISS SPOROINVEST0,01%
PI Penn0,08%SOB entries0,04%
SmenIKS Balancovan.0,99%J&T Opportunity CZK-1,32%
UNDER stedoevropsk0,62%SOB Quantity comb.-0,55%
PI Smen0,25%SOB Bohatstv-0,50%
is sales of mil. KISS-SPOROINVEST199,1ISS-SPOROBOND-18,6
IKS Penn trh62,1IKS Bonds-18,2
MAX – svt. guarantor.61,3SOB Bond Mix-8,7

Zdroj: UNIS

Statistics of certain sales of KBC / SOB for the past week show a finger of 425.2 million K. The money market fund KBC Multi Cash SOB CZK contributed the most to this. with sales in the amount of 118.5 million K. In the darkest place was placed the last offered hedge fund SOB Svtov Strom 2 with net sales of 117.5 million K.

Nov MAX from Komern banka

It is probably quite necessary to talk about the fact that the Czech investor is very conservative. This is evidenced by the growing popularity of the money market fund, as well as the very sale of guaranteed investments. The number of new hedge funds is growing like mushrooms for children, and so every week something new appears. This week we have a new guaranteed fund from Komern banka, Max-svtov zajitn fond 2.

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The subscription period of the fund lasts from 21.10. to 21.12. 2004, the minimum investment is classically 10,000 K and the fund lasts 5 years and one week.

The entrance fee in the subscription period is 1.5 – 2% according to the deposit, after the subscription period it will be 10%. The management fee represents a maximum of 1.3% of the average value of the equity. Entry fees before maturity are 2 – 4%, on the due date no entry fee is payable. The fund’s return is based on the development of euro area medium-sized bonds, financial derivatives and the stock market represented by the DJ Eurostoxx 50 (Europe), S&P 500 (North America) and Nikkei 225 (Japan) indices. According to the degree of risk and the share of the share and the bond, the fund is divided into t profile. At the maturity of the fund, members will receive 70% of the return on the profile with the highest performance, at least 5%.

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