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Peklenovac vry from building societies can be obtained immediately after concluding a new contract even without a previous connection. In this respect, mortgages can compete without any problems. In addition, they are sometimes reached by those applicants who would not have enough income for the same high mortgage.

Building societies offer many types of these doors, and although they all work basically the same, there is no code to orient yourself in them. The products of MSS and HYPO stavebná spoitelny are not described. In the line Possibilities of financially financed housing we presented the offer of Stavebn spoitelny S and Raiffeisen stavebn spoitelny. In the next comment, we will provide an overview of the hellhounds in the two remaining savings banks, Wstenrot and the Blue Pyramid.

In the amended article, you will find general information on how the principle of hellings is, and they can be at least roughly divided into a mortgage replacing the mortgage and the classic healing, which we know from the past. There are also described conditions that must be met in order for the client to have a claim to the bottom of the building savings.

eskomoravsk stavebn spoitelna

MSS offers three basic types of hellish doors, if in the first place in the advance payment, which you need to have on the deposit here at the time of the initiative enough about the hellish door.

If the client has the whole connection needed to get a claim to the bottom of the building connection, but have to wait for the achievement of the set value, I can apply for a hell Kredit Standard. If he has only one year or less left in his duties, he will not get the annual rate, which is currently only 2.7%. m del time to pidlen zbv, tm is the rate you. The table below shows this.

eskomoravsk stavebn spoitelna
nzev pekl. wantedtime to maturity hell. vru **years rateminimum deposit (advance payment)method of securing
Kredit Standard1 year and me2,70%

it must be associated with the total down payment of the day of the year, specifically in relation to the contract tariff (in 38% and 40% of C)

without restrictions
2 years and pl3,50%
3 years and pl4,00%
over 3 years5,30%
90 . credit3 years and pl4,50%10 % Cwithout restrictions
5 let a mn5,00%
8 let a mn5,50%
over 8 years6,50%
Top credit

Topkredit Plus

3 years and pl3,90%1 000 Kproperty build-up
8 let a mn4,30%
over 8 years4,40%
Tophypo*3 years and pl4,30%1 000 Kproperty build-up
6 let a mn4,50%
over 6 years4,70%

Source: bank
Poznmky: C = clov stka
* The rate for Tophypo is fixed for only six years
** the time to maturity of peklenovacho vru means the time remaining until the payment of human resources

Whether the client will be provided with Topkredit or Topkredit Plus is decided by the type of tariff in which the building society contract is concluded.

In order to acquire the hellish heat of the Kredit Standard, the client must have at least 38 and 40 percent of the members in particular, depending on the tariff in which the building society contract is concluded. If this minimum deposit is not available here, I will be forced to use other types of infernal incl.

Without a lien on the property, it is possible to get at least 10 percent of the tax to get a hell 90 . credit. If the client has a property available that can be used as a mortgage, I can apply for one of the following hellish holes without a sweaty deposit. vry Top credit a Topkredit Plus can be fulfilled and twenty years, incl Tophypo even and twenty-eight years. Long maturity means less installments, but so you have paid years and fees in total. Tophypo has mortgages not only the name, but so the construction of the rate years. It did not grow for the entire maturity period, as is usual for vr from building societies, but it is fixed only for six years. Then, just like a mortgage, I can change it.

All Top Hellfire Boards without a deposit are primarily intended for investments such as the construction or purchase of an apartment. At least in their unsecured amount (which is reduced by the balance on the savings bank in hell) is set at three hundred thousand crowns. Their element is to offer clients an alternative to mortgages. Which, of course, applies not only to these MSS sacks, but to all the hellish sacks with zero sweat deposit, long maturity and real estate foreclosure. This type of inferior property is currently offered by all building societies.

HYPO stavebn spoitelna

HYPO stavebn spoitelna offers only one infernal bank, she called it NADSTANDARD. It can be obtained again with a zero connection immediately after concluding a building savings contract. It provides it from low outlets, at present it is possible to borrow only fifty thousand crowns. The specific year of the rate that the client receives depends on the method of securing the deposit and at the same time on the amount that he has deposited on the deposit body in the same way of securing, the lower the rate. In the same way, it is better to keep the same annual rate at the same time. The choice of the method is not arbitrary, depending on your unsecured elements of heat. The following table shows a combination of down payment, collateral and year rates.

HYPO stavebn spoitelna
zpsob zajitn vruin equilibrium risk (in thousands of CZK) *in the years of the rate (depending on the advance payment and at the same time on the method of securing the deposit)
in the advance payment – ie according to the balance of the deposit here agreed to the customs duty (% C)
ni ne 15%15 % a 40 %40% and you
bez zajitn100 – 1505,10%
do 1005,20%
1 rutdo 1505,00%4,80%
2 ruiteldo 4005,20%
real estate or deposit50 – 3004,50%4,40%4,20%
over 3004,40%4,40%

Source: bank
Poznmky: C = clov stka
* vrov risk = in the provided hell. vru dream of the balance on the deposit tk date assessed quite a hell. vr

The empty box contains such a combination of collateral and down payment in which it was baked. vr does not provide

Spoitelna states that the annual rates are fixed for the entire maturity of Peklenovacho vru, but at the same time it reserves the first annual rate in connection with the development of the interbank deposit market.

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