Prestin manaersk kola Thunderbird v esku kon

One of the most prestigious business bikes to leave the Czech market. The American Thunderbird School of Global Management is moving to western Europe, where it will be looking for a new partner. Inform Hospodsk noviny about this day.

Although he does not state the reasons for his departure, according to the competition, one of them could be financial matters, especially a strong crown.

Existing students MBA program go perfect. “But the new vz course will not be open,” said HN Josef Muka from the CMC management round, which was a Czech partner of Thunderbird.

Thunderbird introduces distances in the area of ​​international trade. MBA studies in this round are determined by a top manager. She has been working in the Czech Republic since 2003, and MBA degrees have won the spades of Czech and Central European business. Former Czech President Vclav Havel received a letter of study for the benefits of freedoms and democracy from them.

“One of the reasons for leaving may be the strong koruna against the euro and the dollar and the fact that the profits of the cola were not as they imagined,” said Thomas Mershon of the University of Pittsurgh, who works with the US Business School Prague. On similar schools, students pay in euros and dollars, while their costs are in korunch.

The departure of Thunderbird will now overwhelm me. The opportunity to earn an MBA in Czech currently offers several rounds of various qualities.

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