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How much do you pay for life insurance? The price is for kadho jin. The most common thing is whether you are a woman, how is your health and how old you are.

Insurance companies offer fuses in which you are insured and at the same time sweat. The actual risks of the insurance component do not have to be more expensive. The connection is based on the so-called mortality tables, which track the number of births and deaths in different age groups. Of course, the fact that the probability of death increases with increasing age, which is reflected in the price of insurance. When you are old, you pay more for insurance.

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In the case of the price of risk, women are advantageous against the amount of money, or the amount is calculated, for which reason they have a cheaper life insurance. For some people, for example, a ten-year-old woman pays the same amount as the one-year-old. In the case of pension insurance, on the other hand, they will be paid more or statistically will receive the pension for a longer period of time.

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Ask all the insurance companies how many cigarettes they smoke and drink glasses of alcohol in the health questionnaire. If this gives hell a reasonable measure from the point of view of the insurance company, they will also ask you for a medical examination. However, you will not be able to avoid it even if you want to pay the insurance company millions in the insurance claim.

Opan is transferred to AEGON Pojiovna. He does not apply for pirates, but for discounts, when they can save money and a quarter of the premium paid. The insurance discount is due to the fact that smoke increases the probability of the occurrence of many different diseases, is consumed and 84 percent of all deaths. The insurance company also takes into account the healthy lifestyle of the client when setting rates. Bohuel so in and in contracts with insurance, two million crowns and This does not mean that this insurance company offers the lowest rates on the market for non-smokers and people in good health.

A similar practice, when the client’s lifestyle is assessed during a joint insurance assessment, is operated by a number of American and some Western European insurance companies for many years. You also pay close attention to the client’s obesity, his cholesterol level and the like. It is clear that such a connection is fair. Tests of non-smoking and lifestyle of the client, however, mean an extended period of unified insurance and can result in the replacement of insurance based on averaged rates.

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Beware of fees for spocch fuses

It is difficult not to get information about the cost of risk insurance is to find out what the cost of insurance is. It is not true that when the client pays a thousand crowns to the insurance company A and to the insurance company B, the insurance costs the same. Pojiovny steal fees for castle costs and especially commissions for sellers. It is clear that when one binder pulls 50 crowns and another 250 crowns, they are not equally suitable.

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