Proof: as the police find out you have been paid

Are you going to drive? Check your documents. In addition to the Jewish and small technical order, I should also lack proof of compulsory liability. If you forget the confirmed insurance company, you risk a fine of five to ten thousand crowns. What is the actual form of the document?

Two idiots drove a hundred paid elephants. Today, many people pay their money, for example, over the phone or the Internet, and they don’t have days. Binders send different cards. What about the police? From the wallet, in which I also carry an ID card and documents needed to drive a car, I recently dumped about three different documents for compulsory liability. A card with the name of the contract, a plastic card with the name of the insurance and the number for the helpline, and a few old contact details, with which I was obliged to pay. I don’t know which of them I should actually submit to the police officer when checking in, says ID Soa Dostlov.

And so I prefer to be with me. The police do not find out the relationship between the insurance company and the policyholder. We do not even have to ask for a receipt for the payment of insurance premiums, explains Pavla Kopeck from the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic. For the police officer, the proof of insurance is important during the inspection, ie the document from which you learn that you have actually concluded a contract with the insurance company.

If the inspection is seized without proof of compulsory liability, the threat of a fine in the range of five and ten thousand crowns in the first sentence is over. In this case, the police officer does not pay this violation in the city with a block fine, to Pavel Kopeck.

Who will pay the fine if you have just driven a car or are driving a company car without a patina document? The responsibility for possible punishment lies with the party, adds Petra Srnkov from the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic. Whether he forgot to get the document from the owner of the car, or on the contrary, the owner forgot to give it to him, and therefore who can pay a fine from a human point of view is a private dispute between both parties.

How to succeed and spend as much as possible

But much more unforgettable people who drive without a document are at risk by those who have not obliged to arrange the ruen at all or do not pay it. If you drive without insurance, you are exposed to fines and twenty thousand crowns or spoilage for a period of one year. What’s more, if you cause a code in a car accident, you can pay for it in full. The insurer from the Garann ​​Fund will pay for the damage to the injured party, who will then collect this sum in the first way on the blame.

The same danger is exposed to those who take out the insurance but do not pay it. The insurance field first reminds the debtor, if he does not respond and does not settle the debt, the contract expires in the period specified in the reminder. Long-term pay same: you are not obliged to pay, you can get a fine and in case of an accident you cause, you are paid all the code for vs.

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