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The building spoiler gives me a sunlight, but you have to know how to save. The most frequently used fgle comments on financial advisor Miriam Hankov.

1. Select the customs duty and tariff in time
At the moment when you conclude a building savings contract, you should be clear about whether you just want to save on it, or draw on it, incl. If you only want a savings contract for 6 years, it does not make sense to conclude it for 200,000 crowns and more, the rest you will throw away the pension for a fee when usually concluded one percent of the duty. So the discount is 150,000 and 180,000 crowns, depending on how much support you will claim for the contract. It is similar with the tariff. Savings contracts have a year out of the deposit, but also one year out of the deposit and vice versa. When you sweat with erpnm vru, choose a tariff with it one year from the deposit, but with it the year from vru.

You have to know what you want. At the end of the contract, many clients do not know what to expect from the contract. Then it is better to have at least a small margin of exclusion, either for the part or for the possibility of pumping.

2. Get and 8 grants per contract
The reason why most contracts are concluded at the end of the year is that when you simultaneously enter a single 20,000 crowns plus fees, you get the maximum maximum support of 3,000 crowns for the entire year back. In the sixth cycle of the building connection, you immediately have one extra contribution. My well-known trick, how to use the maximum for the state support for one contract, is to get the eighth state support for it. When you start running the contract by January next year, deposit one 20,000 crowns on it and cancel it again, you can claim full, ie eighth, support this time, on the contrary, for next year.

We recommend. If you concluded your contract in another month than in December, don’t worry, you don’t have to terminate the contract immediately after five or six years, so you can repent for the next January.

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3. Apply pensions at the end of the year
If you make a deposit of 20,000 crowns at the end of the year, get more in years, not when you leave the deposit at the end of the calendar year. When depositing in January, you get years for 12 msc, while when depositing in December, you get a year for only one msc. At the arrest of the savings, the income from the year is around a hundred crowns, but another situation will occur, for example, after 5 years, when with a regular savings of 20,000 crowns, you will have more than 100,000 crowns spent on it. Ron a year will be a dog 2,000 crowns. The main thing is that if you can draw on it, speed up its connection in this way.

For those interested in incl. A good way to save for those who are able to save a relatively high amount in January and will not miss their pensions during the year. Because the years you have gained on the building society have a strong influence on the so-called value strength (more than one year, so much more value is growing), this method leads to an early assignment.

4. Dispense elsewhere in c
You can also go on the next step. When you can evaluate the pension better during the year, it would not be rolled on the building savings, it is advisable to leave a deposit until December. In this case, it means less than two percent of the year, which is the usual year deposit on the building society. One of the options is, for example, a Spoic et ING account, which offers a valued deposit of 2.25 percent. If it is without notice, you also have the pension available at any time and you do not pay daily fees for its management and maintenance.

It is necessary to firmly lie down. If you save your pension to a fully accessible account during the year, we may not have anything to send to the building society before Christmas, because you will spend time on your summer vacation. If you save your free pension in mutual funds, you will not forget that their return is not guaranteed, we may find out at the end of the year that there is less than two percent that you should have for the building.

5. Reduce deposits on the building society
If you spend a few years, you don’t have to deposit the whole 20,000 crowns per crown, but you can save a little less. The basis for the calculation of the amount of support also includes the written years from the deposits and deposits of the support. Take a deposit from the building society and see how many pensions the savings bank has written for you in the years, and don’t forget about this deposit you will not forget the bag for management fees here. If you do not know the entry, contact the building society with which you have a contract.

Effective. It’s not entirely comfortable, because you can’t always rely on a monthly order with a sum of 1,667 crowns, but you have to watch how much you saved, how much is the year, etc. Make the most of your pension, especially when you combine with the variant per contract.

Trick trader: lots of contracts for enough pensions
Do you want to state the support every year? There will always be a seller who can explain and say that it is possible. The procedure is complicated and it is a question to whom to pay. Probably only advisers who are so involved in the contract cycle that they will sell some life insurance.

How does it work?
Create a contract and spot. He gave a new contract in December and in addition to the fee, do not send anything to it, then the furnaces for the first time. And five years a new contract and so on.

When the first contract will be six years old, choose a pension in January and apply the support to the second contract. You will fly one ron loku there, one hundred in December, and because the contracts are 6 years old, you can pick them up in January and support will come in April.

You will transfer the state support to the contract in the order of ten years, you will fly one year at the end of the year, you will end in January, you will choose the pension and the state support.

When you manage the organization of a cycle of six contracts, you will reach a stage where you will fly a savings of 20,000 crowns per mere month and you will receive 3,000 on the state support.

It seems so complicated that a lot of people are willing to believe that it works like a perpetual mobile. Only: in addition to the fact that there is a lot of work with such a procedure, you must also think about the fees of the contract costing an average of 300 crowns. On six contracts it is 1,800 crowns.

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