Rakuan, Nmci, please, drn ns dl zaven at home!

I would like to publicly thank Rakuan and Nmcm, e ns dl want to run home, in the Czech Republic. I don’t mean darkness to the poor Austrian cellar masters Priklopil and Fritzl, but to the local office of Gusenbauer and the German factory of Merkel.

Both are going to incredibly help the Czech economy on their own in the context of domestic populism and the collection of pre-election points. Both of them intend to break the destruction of labor for the Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, Maars and put the Eastern Europeans to a complete stop, ie in two years, and by 2011.

Like a hunter who from his position constantly looks smart, educated and best in several languages ​​speaking people into his darkness, km: Bravo! Just hoo! You take them back to where they drank, strangers. At home we have good heads and hands.

Unemployment in the Czech Republic is a record low and there is no good reason why it should change significantly. I do not know of a single prosperous entrepreneur who would just praise the existence of a sufficient number of qualified people. In such a situation, German and Austrian politicians who listen to the local labor market there are happy.

“Hordes from the Entrance”, which you often warn against, are often young (with the family they leave), working hard (because they get things not in the Czech Republic and have to establish themselves in a foreign country), cheaper (because they get not the city) and well-qualified at work, which I will get (few countries have studied so many sockets as many thanks to Ukrainian teachers and vdcm).

Underlined and sown: a big plus for a country that cares about such immigrants. In Britain, which was the first to open workshops with Ireland, more than 800,000 workers have joined the new member states of the Union since 2004. Aunt’s immigrant in Britain has a long distance, in Germany it is only nineteen percent. The wave, which is probably the largest since the nation’s century in the fourth century, brought only 300 pounds (over nine thousand crowns) to the British cadmium last year in disputes and taxes, according to the Ministry of the Interior.

Even politicians in France, a country they had until recently suffered from the influence of cheap Polish installations, have been converted. At home, a very unclear President Sarkozy announced the accelerated opening of the labor market from July 1 on the occasion of Poland. Some Paankas will be able to change their habits thanks to cheaper and hard-working “ants” from the Entrance. Due to the high prices in the kadenice salons, they go to them with a washed head.

Thanks to strong crowns and growing pjmm, many return home from abroad. Pesto, the situation is rapidly waning, when we will also need to play in the amount of “installers”. For a modest stop, it will hopefully be enough for the Germans and Rakuan to remain silly.

Heath IM Provement