The risk is to borrow something that is consumed by far two, it is not a state to repay. The initial joy of getting a holiday or a wedding in debt quickly expires, and you will be left with the obligation to pay for several years.

Likewise, the real value of home cinema and state-of-the-art mobile phones is declining rapidly. Will I want to meet him in two years, when he will be in the bazaars for pr crowns? Sometimes it’s good to think about whether you really need it.

See if you can go for the installments
Don’t ask, draw up a house budget. Just find out if vs long splinters will not ruin. On the left side of the paper you list all the same household incomes, including social doors and alimony, on the right all data. And you will not forget anything in which they are: housing, bicycles, food at home and at work, entertainment, sports, telephones, internet, insurance, tram, petrol, drills, payments for rings, household necessities, clothing, possible arrears for energy and quarterly and ron payments (you spend them on msn). According to jet, drink a reserve for unexpected repairs, so for example on a bicycle for sale, mountains and other unpredictable data msn it should be at least a thousand.

Finally, deduct data from pjm. With so-called healthy debt, no more than a fifth of the family’s total income should fall on installments. Also, if you spend 20,000 crowns, you should have at least 4,000 left after the deduction. You can’t afford to pay more.

Choose the fuel
Pjky today offer where who. Banks, various companies, perhaps on each bus stop you will find a glued beam with a contact to the provider of a loan to anyone and anything. Where and with whom to ask, the bag is not indifferent. Avoid those creditors who accept cadmium and do not want proof of employment. Let the company pay for this risk, warns Michal Kaderka from the Association of Citizens’ Advice Bureaus. Thus, contracts that are written by a small dog are very suspicious, and it is very inconclusive when the lender does not want to provide contractual conditions for the study house. You’d better get away with that. bad experience with loans in such dubious companies during the discussion on the Internet.

Ask about total debt
Don’t sign a contract, let yourself know how much vs pjka will really come together. It is not enough to compare the years and ron percentage rate of the cost, but so you multiply the evening msn installments after the msc you pay. Ask about all fees and costs associated with the loan, just find out how much to pay the loan exactly, say Andrea Bhlkov from the SPES association.

It is important to know whether it is necessary to have any connection, including how the fees for concluding contracts and premature termination of loans. Once you forget the installment, I have a disaster, some companies require you to pay the entire debt at once. And when you don’t, the penle will grow into astronomical ages, adds Michal Kaderka.

It is not only possible to study the contract, but also all its amendments in the form of general conditions. If none of this is clear and understandable, it is better to consult an expert before signing, in one of the many civic counseling centers.

MF Council TODAY: Use the loan without naven
Some merchants offer loans without a fee, but you must comply with a fixed payment schedule and a credit card period. It requires discipline and an accurate view.

How to resist pokuen

  1. see the prepared list
    Make a list of what you will buy at home and read it strictly. Do not bring large amounts of cash or more payment or credit cards into the store. Avoid hypermarkets, shop in small, small shops, where all that will not appeal to shopping. And finally, get out of the store without buying anything and rejoice that you did it.
  2. Don’t buy in a hurry, don’t succumb to ads
    Buy something, think it over, wait a few days and consult your friends before buying. You should realize that you have a coveted thing that you currently have no resources for and that you would have to buy, you don’t even need. If you are interested in everything, look on the internet, you will find it cheaper.
  3. Reject the sun, but uncompromisingly
    If anyone on the street, in the mall or by phone addresses a call with an offer intended only for everyone, do not let them talk and immediately talk to the sun, but you will end up dearly with no interest. If you let an employee’s knee speak, it is easy for you to believe in your offer, and then you will succumb, no matter what you want.
  4. Don’t get caught up in foreign debt
    Not only your loans are a problem. If a man owes you debts repeatedly and is not with us, the only way is divorce, otherwise he will pull the whole family into the abyss.
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