Rent a boat around the world. The desire for me led him to the hurry

At the age of ten, Ji Zindulka read a book about me and since then he wanted to be a sailor. His dream came true. He is dedicated to renting a boat and a hundred years of brakes after the power and prizes. His original small business with crowns was now growing and expanding greatly.

He started yachting on the middle wheel and never stopped. It’s my obsession with Ji Zindulka. And it also affected his future career. After a high round at the turn of the 90’s, I tried different jobs. But I didn’t last long in the bottom, because I had to leave for two months. Thlo m to k moi. I found out that I was actually unemployable, I remember Ji Zindulka.

But you found another way to make money.
I then arranged with a travel agent and started renting a boat in Turkey. I taught a few yachts that we would move their boat there, they would sail and the tourist would pay them to pay for it. It was a great adventure, his bite was like a nose.

I kidnapped one of them. They worked here and there because we owed them pensions and did not have to pay. The project went bankrupt because I knew everything about the ships, but nothing about the rent. And the mistake was to build this cell on bus services. We sold a lot.

But you did not leave the idea of ​​renting a boat and started your own company.
We rented our own sailboats in Croatia and Italy. With and without capital. And they ran a yacht bike there. We had enough customers, but we took all the pensions for years. We shared the boat in vr with a year of 18 percent. And when the crown fell in 1997, it climbed to 36 percent.

In two years, I drove 160 thousand kilometers. As soon as the problem arose, I got in the car and drove it to Croatia. I drank home and for a change called from Italy…

What was dl?
I realized that I had become a master at a problem that may never have arisen. In addition, I did it in order to be as close to my place as possible, where I finally lasted a maximum of a week. At that time, it turned out that the company was not as good at finances as I originally thought to be clear: I left the company. And he left all those ships to him.

Did he give an attempt?
I took a two second break and started shnt work. One day, a former customer disappeared that he wanted to rent a boat in the Caribbean. I sat down at the fax machine, there weren’t many go, and he found it. I got a commission for the brokerage. And that was the first impulse. I founded the company Zindulka and decided to work as an agent, broker. So I will rent a boat to other owners. I left at home, in the kitchen, where I had a fax machine and later sweat. Some customers have left me from the past, I found a new one quite quickly at the fairs, where I presented myself.

Did you work directly with the boat owners?
Mostly with companies that own or rent a boat from private individuals in the area. It’s the best.

The company caught on to the industry quite quickly.
It started pkn. I gradually added yachting courses in Croatia, as well as sport cruises, ie those nronj, around Scotland, near the French coast, in the Baltic. I made your way to the Arctic. I searched for cities where I did not go, filled the way, put it on offer, the people registered and we set off. J was happy, they were. The dream of several msc na moi came true for me. For about fifteen years.

Then saw personal crisis?
About five years ago, I began to honor that I was not able to move the company long. I froze. It will be around modern technology, in which I began to get a little lost. And again, I threatened to sit at the pool and study online marketing from morning to evening and give things and I will be far from hunting. And so I was faced with a choice: I would hire someone who would give it a business spirit and a new impetus, or I would be completely out of it.

Lord or eagle?
I connected with a friend who started riding a boat years ago and owns an advertising company. And he offered to cooperate. He agreed. Now the company is half a m, the other half is owned by Tom Vondrek. With the support of his companies and while he cares about everything related to yachting, customer service and the development of services, he takes care of strategic women. We are actually such an old and new startup.

How has the company changed?
She changed her mind. Twenty employees and one of the largest in Europe. We have created the environment of a modern reservation system, where people can find all ships anywhere in the world and all the information about them. We connect the most searchable and gradually add the men. And let’s take our own experience. I can advise the customer which one to choose and which company. Other reserved systems will not offer this.

Pay for search data?
Yes, we pay from two and a thousand euros (approx. 63 thousand crowns) ron for one. Our commission is from 10 to 20 percent. Bad to rent a boat. But we are at maximum. And we will dl rst. We recently bought the domain, which will bring us a lot of new customers and send us all over the world. the seventh deadliest domain of last year.

How many crowns did you share it with?
For 190 thousand dollars (approx. 3,900,000 crowns).

How much did you say last year?
Less than two thousand rents, which represents about ten thousand customers. Those quarters of clients went to Croatia. Then there is Ecko, Itlie and exotics. ei are a great traveler, tulci, ride around the world.

The rocket company is growing, pibv employees, what about who?
I am glad that I decided years ago that I did not forget. This is an emotional business. Yachting will not leave anyone alone, I will enjoy it. I pay a lot of attention to corporate events. Under the regatta, which is still interesting among companies. Get to know these people perfectly on the ship. I am satisfied, because my dream lasts – I am a year old.

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