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Compulsory ruin, ie the insurance company, without which it is not possible to drive on the road, will offer eleven couplers this year. The novelties are Wstenrot and Hasisk. How did the new competition affect the offer?

Some conditions were compulsorily successful, but no major changes took place. The two largest players on the compulsory liability market eskov pojiovna and Kooperativa increase by about six percent. What exactly does that mean? The basic rate of the Czech insurance company in the category of cars with an engine with a volume of between 1,000 and 1,350 cubic centimeters will thus rise from 3,724 to 3,983 crowns. A representative of Vclav Blek points out that ninety percent of clients do not receive this price, because the insurance company offers them a bonus, ie a discount for driving without an accident. With the maximum bonus, the car owner pays 2589 crowns of the same volume. For comparison: this year he could reach a rate of 2607 crowns.

On the other hand, Allianz or Generali, for example, do not have the same price. This does not mean that they are necessarily the cheapest on the market. These insurance companies, like most competitors, use more criteria when setting rates, taking into account, in addition to the volume, both the age and the client’s residence. The procedure is called so-called segmentation. This means that one insurance company can pay a different price with the same car.

Praan a mlad idii si piplat vce

The general salary is that the cheaper are obliged to ruin their ideas from small towns, on the contrary, Praan has to pay. Older people have cheaper insurance compared to young people. The differences can be as much as tens and fifty percent. For example, in Prague and insurance cars from Allianz with a volume of up to 1,350 cubic centimeters with a maximum bonus of 3,377 crowns, in Hradec Krlov pay only 2669 crowns.

The new Wstenrot based the customer on special criteria, in addition to the age and condition of the car in its case, affects the rate of engine power and gender. Thanks to them, car owners are relieved with a large volume, but with low power, and take it. drive more carefully, and thus cause me more accidents. Abroad, the use of a set and a dozen criteria, I can also decide the color of the car. I still have a large number of Czech insurance companies, Kooperativa and Triglav.

The latter competes with general rates, the two largest insurance companies are then suitable for ideas from large cities. There is an insurance company in the villages, which according to the owner of the car. It is therefore difficult to choose the most suitable insurance not a few years ago, when prices were determined only by the volume of the car and the bonus and malus, ie the price for accidents. In addition, the specific conditions of the connection come into play.

He gave insurance and assistance

Some insurance companies offer a guarantee with a so-called exchange cover, which means that the client would be covered in the event of an accident in the event of an accident. When choosing insurance, it pays to pay for the weight of above-standard services, such as additional insurance or assistance services free of charge. So Kooperativa adds to your compulsory liability. SOB Pojiovna has introduced a new variant under the name Premiant, which includes, in addition to one-time insurance, insurance of his personal belongings and persons close to him and assistance services, as well as a code insurance on his own vehicle with a limit of 5,000 crowns per year. The truth is that most of the most common codes do not cover this point. Callin’s clients can use the free assistance services in the event of an accident, which includes, for example, a castle for two hours working mechanic, towed to the nearest authorized service center or a secured interpreter abroad. For 500 crowns, you can use the assistance services even for a breakdown.

A complete novelty of Allianz is obliged to ruen the co-participation. It is designed especially for motorists who drive without accidents. In addition to the bonus for a safe course of insurance, they can get a further discount for arranging compulsory insurance with co-participation. You can choose more co-payments in two variants, 5,000 crowns, where they get a discount of six percent of the premium, and a co-participation of 10,000 crowns, which gives them an insurance discount of 11 percent. A similar product has proved its worth, for example, in Slovakia or Italy, to the representative of Milo Velek.

Discounts even online

The Czech business insurance company has prepared a so-called Superbonus for the inhabitants of all cities who drive without codes, ie a discount of another 10 percent of the total premium for their maximum bonus. Uniqa again offer a discount for old people over the age of 55. This is explained by the fact that the statistics show no accident rate in this group. They also offer a suitable insurance for people and disabled people. Most couples offer a discount for negotiating contracts over the Internet or telephone. The discount usually reaches 500 crowns or 10 percent.

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What determines the price of insurance


  • to live the client, the bank distinguishes those types of regions, cities up to 90,000 inhabitants, gave categories are large cities Brno, esk Budjovice, Hradec Krlov, Liberec, Olomouc, Ostrava, Pilsen, Olomouc, st nad Labem and former districts Prague-entrance and Prahazpad, special category is Prague
  • to the client: people over the age of 40 have a 10 percent discount, people under the age of 21 have a discount of 25 percent
  • businessman or private person


  • car volume
  • customer bydlit
  • to the client: the salary that the most suitable rates are for clients over the age of 30

esk business insurance company

  • car volume
  • car: for vehicles older than 10 years, the price is 20 percent lower
  • to live a client: in a village of up to 10 thousand inhabitants the price is 30 percent lower
  • vk client: over 40 years price by 40 percent lower

esk pojiovna

  • car volume

UNDER Pojiovna

  • car volume
  • car: cars aged 11 years have a discount of 20 percent
  • live client: selected 40 districts m 10 percent discount, Prague pirku 20 percent


  • car volume
  • city ​​of permanent residence of the client: discount for ideas from cities up to 30,000 inhabitants
  • kodn prbh pedchozho pojitn


  • car volume


  • car volume


  • car volume

    Vehicle body: accessory only as an option to close the rear cover PLUS against theft or damage of the client’s vehicle

  • live the client: distinguish Prague and the countryside, in Prague the rates are you
  • to the client: up to 28 years of age, the rate is yours, on the contrary, you have a discount of an age of 55 years


  • Engine power: the basic factor for determining the price of the insurance is not, as is customary with other connectors, the engine capacity of the vehicle, but its performance
  • Vehicle condition: Vehicles aged 10 years are suitable
  • Gender of the client: women are preferable with a lower premium rate compared to men of the same age
  • to the client: with increasing age of the client over 24 years, or over 30 years, the price of insurance decreases

Note: all insurance companies apply the principle of the so-called bonus (discount for the smooth course of insurance) and malus (pirate for the payment of codes), some insurance companies provide a discount for contracts by telephone or the Internet; vehicle displacement = engine capacity
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