Secrets of famous families: They loved Ztka’s people, they did not see the Communists

When you say the name of this genus, take the pasta. But most of the significant events in South Bohemia were cultural, business and political. This is the first part of a series about famous families that they can inspire.

One hundred years ago, what used to be: What Rieger for the nation esk, what Ztka for the Czechs of Budjovick. Politician August Ztka stood you at the foundation of a municipal brewery or enamel factory. Budjovit was also loved by his father Hynek, a businessman and a politician. When he died in 1886, 12,000 people took to the streets with tears in their eyes.

While walking through Czech Budjovice, you still come across Ztky at every step. Ztkovo nbe, Ztkv dm. I do not know of another family that would mark the whole city in this way, says Leo Nikrmajer, a historian of the South Bohemian Museum.

The history of the family dates back to the 17th century, when the U Ztk homestead in Kamenní jezd appears in the sources. Later the family sailed to Velena. There he was born in the world in 1808 Hynek. His mother Markta urged mue Matoue to grow up in 1813 in Budjovice, where they wanted to provide children with distance.

They settled near the main town, where they bought a grain store. Hynek graduated from high school and started working as a senior student. Later, he also gave permission to study privately first, and eventually focused on business. He took advantage of Budjovice’s suitable location, established a shop with salt, agricultural crops and herring, and also made flour products.

In Bez u Borova nad Vltavou, in 1869 he built the first machine mill in the south of Bohemia. He bought several homesteads in the village of Libn, where he created a family farm. He wanted to mine graphite here and install a water supply system, but none of them took place due to the lack of locals, said Voick in her diploma thesis about the Ztk family, which she defended at the University of South Bohemia.

Since billions, he has shown national honor. He was at the birth of the Czech association Slovansk lpy, Budjovick Zlony, twice he was elected chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Trade. His fortune and influence grew steadily. S manelka Terezi ml devt dt.

The most famous is August (1847-1935), who alongside his father began to organize Czech life in the city. He soon gave him his enemy skills and began to occupy influential positions. He opened a law office in Krajinsk Street, became a provincial deputy, district and municipal representative, mayor of Eskobudjovice’s Zlony.

Vhra nad Nmci v election

August Ztka was at the peak of his forces in 1906, when, thanks to him, he won the general election over the Germans for the first time. After bending the result saw under his windows twenty thousand lanterns first.

After his 80th birthday, a memorial plaque with a bust was unveiled at his family home. This is in contrast to the monument to our city today. Estimetrov statue was unveiled in 1936 before the town hall. It only bagged a bag occupied by the Nmci in 1939 and was soon melted down. Thanks to the Club of Friends of Czech Budjovice, at least two-twentieth bronze castings were drilled at the town hall after 1989.


He gave you Hynek Ztka’s sons to do business. The oldest Ferdinand (1845-1901) founded a sugar factory in Budjovice and the share of bakery. The sugar factory did not do very well, so Ferdinand settled in Prague, where he founded a food company with a long name: The company Dr. F. Ztka, a factory for chicory and sourdough, the largest Austrian soda water factory, an ampask and vine factory. His company soon became the largest soda producer in the entire Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Ferdinand was a business role model for his young brothers Vlastimil (1851-1907) and Dobroslav (1859-1946). They built an industrial enterprise near the mill in Borov, which gave the foundations of the companies Brati Ztkov Monopol. They started the production of sodas and limons, in 1884 they expanded the company to the first factory in Central Europe for pasta, noodles and macaroni.

Through large-scale production, they managed to dominate the market in the entire power and exported it to many other countries, describes publicist Jan A. Novk. The arrests of production machines were tk. Housewives were used to preparing home-made pasta. They had to convince them that the noodles made by the industrial industry are of considerable quality.

In 1915, the pine mill burned down and a new one grew up in its town, the largest in the south. It was modernized with new machines for washing and drying grain. During the First Worlds of Wolves, the market was out of order. After the renewal of business, during the First Republic, Ztka’s pasta became a term among housewives again.

Nazi and communist entertained jmn

In 1939, the Germans confiscated Ztk’s property in the evening and replaced food production with military equipment. The original owner only wandered into the wolf mill for a short time. After the burrow of 1948, the company was designed by a communist. The Ztks regained it in 1994. Today, the Ztks are a network of Europasta SE.

He gave a prominent personality was the son of August Ztka Vlastislav (1887-1964), who became famous as a politician, cultural sword and art collector. He was responsible for the repair of Samson’s canyon and the construction of the capital in Budjovice. In 1937, he welcomed Edward Benee with his wife. During the occupation, German councils confiscated his name in his favor and expelled him from the city. A similar scene was repeated in 1949.

Miroslav Ztka (1890-1980), the son of Dobroslav, left an indelible mark in other Czechs. In 1931 he decided to build a representative villa in Husov td. Within two years, a functional two-storey functionalist building was built there. The bag Ztka only brought the luxury of wolves to the outbreak. After 1948 he had to leave the villa, doil in his family’s apartment in Skuherskho street.

Descendants of famous personalities of the Ztk family still live in the Czech Republic and Switzerland.

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