Select the largest party. The candidates for the defeat know her

Falen lk for thousands of crowns, the contract of the telephone operator and the malfunctioning machine were suspicious. These are the ones from the tinct drop that the editorial team selected for the poll for the biggest party. You can now select the first one.

The team sent the editors a total of a dozen tips on the biggest drop between products and services. Among the constricts dominated by crumbled shoes.

they mostly relied on dropped heels, peeling off the armrest, all after the first noen. These were sports shoes, outdoor or elegant shoes.

Cases of damaged shoes are separated from the advertised relatively common affair. Sometimes, however, it is the customers themselves who do not care about the shoes and then often fail in the complaint.

“For some shoes, I would suggest the title of ‘excellent product’, because it seems to me that their owner did not bake and left a small defect bt, and the shoes were fully destroyed,” commented the spokesman of the Defense talk consumer Ivan Pickov.

Boty Great

1. Baa or Rockpoint shoes appeared among the parties. The Garmont Eclipse XCR footwear has been released for a year and pl.

Ottimo’s shoes cost two thousand crowns, after a year and a full heel began to break off his heel, on both shoes. The owner went to complain to them immediately and his pensions were subsequently returned.

2. The candidate for the biggest match is the Balerna machine, which disintegrated thinly on first use. Further problems followed in the case of complaints, where the owner, after using it once, was told that the machine was worn out.

tenka bought it in the center of Radovsk. The product was relatively cheap and you will keep it as a broken souvenir.

Vladimir Radovsk from their Radovsk center for said that quality machines at the lowest price range are very few. “Very bad for signs and start somewhere around 10,000 K and above. From our experience, 90 percent of faults are caused by poor machine operation.

We’ve sold the Balerina machine for about three years. Even though it was one of the cheapest non-characters from it, there was not so much problem with it. He hasn’t lived in about three years. ”

3. Among the nominations, there was also a graft, which according to the shade does not normally grow. “Constant rings are just a kind of invite-invite,” he wrote. The customer first drank a piece of furniture without a leg. It was later added, but with a screw that had horizontal, not spiral screws and did not fit into the furniture.

“It is possible that a screw can be made without production, but I do not know what a screw with ‘concentric rings’ looks like, but at first it has no complaints at first,” said Roman Kapusak, technical director of Neji nbytek.

4. Dalm’s candidate is the book “Castles and Ruins of Scotland”. After opening the book, the owner found out that she owns about Australian aborigines, in addition to Italian. And in the volume of the book, she found out about the topic for which she bought the book.

The book was published by Slovart, authored by Cristina Gambarov. “The book Castles and Ruins of Scotland is printed on this is the first error of its kind. If Mr. turned to us, we would definitely exchange her book immediately, ”said Jana Hoffmanov, PR manager of the publishing house.

“For shipments of this type, when the product is full of pallets, only about five products are randomly inspected, we do not disassemble it in its entirety. It is possible that the scrap occurred in the first place that was not swallowed, “added Slovart editor Petr Hejn.

5. The impression of a quality product was not created even by a drill from the seller Globus, which disintegrated after the first use.

6. The so-called falen lk was nominated for the biggest party. The old woman ran an advertising campaign and, convinced of the product’s uniqueness, bought it for nine thousand crowns. It was a product of Detoxane QX, which was supposed to relieve joint pain.

When the pain did not subside, it was found that maturation was nothing but a vitamin supplement made by an American company. The editorial staff was unable to contact the distributor.

Telefnica and UPC were among the failures quite often. Customers have this negative experience with them.

Internet shops have also secured their place among the candidates for the biggest party. Most often it was the unreliability of the company, which manifests itself mainly in problems with the delivery of goods.

The checkpoint Chequepoint also appeared among the adepts for the slump. She showed the odds according to the tone of the odlin, not for how the pension actually exchanged him. The instructions told him that in order for the table visible from the street to apply, he must change more than 20 thousand crowns. Otherwise, pay the table that the directive can insert.

The manager of the company Chequepoint Stanislav Peroutka said that there is no monetary limit that would affect the course.

“For the same exchange rate, we will exchange one euro or 20 thousand crowns. It is true that we have the course tables in the direction dv. The one that is visible from the outside shows the sales rates. There is a kind of table within reach of the order, on which complete shopping and sales courses are listed, ”said Peroutka for also drew attention to the pages of falench agencies, such as,, There are no offices and no one from the “agency” even takes the phones.

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