Services: investments are a hit, but don’t expect eyesight

With a warm cut, it is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. You come out of the quiet environment of your home, or from any place in the world, without having to visit a bank branch. Just have internet access. Is that true in reality?

What is a standard and what is above standard?

It can be considered a matter of course and therefore the standard that with the help of internet banking you can check the balance of your own current and term here, you have the opportunity to look into the history of individual transactions, pay one-time domestic and foreign castle orders, whether term or spoc et or just set a permanent order to the castle, pp. consent to direct debit (do not have this option with BAWAG Bank CZ).

The thing that is not so fully known is e.g. Prepaid mobile operator cards, investment funds, and an online overview not only of their payment debit cards, but also of credit cards. Undoubtedly, only a passive approach to the building society’s own building society, pension supplementary, life insurance, etc. within the bank’s financial group can be considered a certain above-standard. A significant advantage is the control and control of Internet banking, e.g. consumer, overdraft, and mortgage.

Getting prepaid cards from all mobile operators is not a problem through the internet banking of esk spoitelna, GE Money Bank, Potovn spoitelny, ivnostensk banka and, to a limited extent, at Raiffeisenbank, where you can top up your credit only for the O2 operator. Modern eBanka clients have to use other alternatives to top up mobile operator credit.

What’s new

Komern banka has been growing since the test of the function of its internet banking. This will certainly be a good news, especially for those who do not want to lose money and wait for the moment when they decide to invest free money from the ordinary here. Now they can enter into an investment agreement in a specific investment fund through Komern banka’s internet banking.

Thus, in this respect, esk spoitelna has fallen asleep somewhat, or even continues to allow internet banking users only the first investment fund (ie deposits and withdrawals) and not the contract. Clients of esk spoitelna are thus forced to visit the bank’s branch first, so that they can easily invest it electronically in a non-cash manner and, conversely, withdraw funds from their savings. EBanka’s clients are also used to managing their investments through internet banking from the first step, ie signing the contract. Raiffeisenbank works on diverse functionality and thus enables its clients to serve investment products (catch funds, premium bonds and premium deposits).

Who is the best?

The most popular services that can be operated via internet banking are traditionally found by eBanka, and you will find Komern banka and eská spořitelna next door. At the other end of the market, the banks of the bank Oberbank AG branch esk republika and WSPK are rated. They provide their clients with a range of services within internet banking.


In our services, we can include, for example, the bank’s ability to see clients who use other Internet Explorer browsers (even here banks make changes – see the news article), as well as many language versions of internet banking. The largest of the SOB group, its application enables communication with the client etin, sloventin, angliin, nmin, but also maartin.

The list of browsers under which the application works should inform the other client when setting up internet banking – as well as the minimum configuration of your computer and the need to install Java. The bank’s information line, or even the manual, information on the bank’s website and the first aid guide will help you with any problems.

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