Seven reason for rising apartment prices

The economy is catching up, people have jobs and want to live. Even the vultures are afraid that it will be h, so shop.

Real estate prices are rising mainly available mortgages. years go up, but not by much. Thanks to the heat, families with average incomes can also afford to live in their own right. And m you are the demand, tm you are the prices. They reached really high this year. But the availability of mortgages has increased radically in the past, so for a girl who is living so big and now? This year, pins were added and their combination drove up property prices to go in last year. What are the reasons?

1. Mortgages are available
Most people who buy their own homes, rent an apartment or rent a pension with a bank. Through real estate, finance the real estate and three quarters of our clients, including Gjuri, owner of the RE / MAX real estate agency. His experience is confirmed and given to real estate companies. If vry were not available, there would be no such interest in flats.

After many years, mortgage rates are rising slightly, thanks to the ability to spread the installments over 30 and 40 years, it is not a problem for many buyers to pay a price. The massive advertising of mortgage banks, building societies or the developer also plays a role.

Current prices apartment and rent

2. People have pensions
Equally important is the prosperous economy and the current growth of purchasing power. Unemployment is the lowest in the last nine years this year and the average wage has risen to 22,152 crowns. If they didn’t have pensions and work, they wouldn’t be so willing to go into debt.

3. Deregulation of the fine is on the decline
Deregulation makes me act as an incentive to buy an apartment. People are afraid that their mortgage payments will be comparable in their finances, and they are more willing to borrow. The owner lives in the Czech tradition, the people consider them a security and a good investment.

4. Huskovy dti se sthuj do vtho
The strong ranks of the seventies get to the age when they start families and buy their own flats, or get rid of existing smaller flats and buy more. The interest in real estate is also hampered by the fact that the young are currently far apart. It is no exception twenty years old hunter who lived in his own apartment, you would be married with the support of your parents. This was unmarried in the past, explains Markta ichtaov of Next finance. In the age group of 20 to 44 years, ie in the groups that acquire their first or type of residence, there are almost 4 million people.

5. Threat of VAT rate
Fears of value added tax have fueled interest in new construction in the last year, when more talks about the fact that on January 1, 2008, one of the exceptions of the European Union and VAT on residential buildings will rise from 5 to 19 percent. In the end, the government decided to include an apartment of up to 90 m2 and a house of up to 150 m2 in the category of social housing, which will remain subject to VAT rates. Increased VAT from 5 to 9 percent, which promises to reform public finances, not so big magpie and the engine for rising prices. The price of new buildings is mainly influenced by the price of land and construction work, both have risen this year.

6. Rising real estate prices support demand
Paradoxically, real estate prices are rising. People are afraid that if you don’t buy the property first, it will be expensive in a year, so rush with the purchase.

7. Prices in the Czech Republic are low compared to the Union
Real estate in developed countries is expensive, especially speculators who assume that they will appreciate the investment invested in the cheap apartments in the Czech Republic. This applies to large cities, in the regions people buy apartments mainly for housing.

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