Seven rules on how to change mylen and stt I catch

Mylen is dedicated to him every day, for the rest of his life. We should therefore excel in mylen. There is often a difference between washing and first washing. Psychologist Jan Urban explains why we think right and be so caught.

The habits that I first wash Brno are certain habits. If we get rid of them, we will not only be caught, but very likely others will notice. That’s why we’ll look like a catch. Help me to do this if we clash with the seven rules.

1.Let us not make assumptions first

The first assumptions, which the first consideration, are the result of lazy washing.

Manifest yourself by not saying and get all the information we need for the first reason. Let’s take the animals right away, even if we don’t have all the necessary information.

An example is the cashier, who, on the note I think you made a mistake, responds with the words: I can’t give you anything, you should have used up your pension right away. Short, don’t know, and get all the information from the message. It does not occur to her at all that she could be mistaken even to her detriment. But the customer wanted to alert her.

Therefore, if we want to make a difference, we should first make sure that we have all the information available, or that we do not even get it.

2.We hesitate on vci from jinch strnek

The opinions we hear from others do not always have to be distracted only by their personal expressions and subjective opinions. They can also include views of a valuable nature.

In other words, if we do not want to make mistakes in our deliberations, we should not try to take our view of things as a single coin. Things are not always dark, they seem at first glance, and if we want to get to their core and make the right decision, we should not look different.

3.Let’s give the word to those who know everything from their own experience

The usual habit of the first consideration is to touch first and foremost on those who decide on certain things, even if they do them themselves, for example, the manager.

Deciding on it and performing it is a bite of one and tho process. When we do something, we can gain new information and insights that may lead to a change in the procedure and the first decision.

Therefore, if we decide on certain things, we should not prevent those who do this thing from taking part in the decision.

4.Let us not succumb to the lasting reason

Often, the tendency to think persistent, that is, as we have thought in the past, also leads to misunderstandings. However, if we have solved the problem in the past, it does not mean that we will solve it in the same way in the future. In other words, if we found a treasure in a certain place some time ago, it does not necessarily mean that we will find it there even five times.

A similar mistake is the tendency to assume that if certain things are done in a certain way in the past, they will happen in the same way in the future. Even this habit is only a tendency to arbitrarily simplify, even at the cost of its first results.

5.Consider (in uritch respects) as children

Research has shown that sweats of so-called synapses or nerve connections in the brain, which determine the ability to think first, are in young children but not in the average adult. Of course, stiffness plays a role. The reason is also that your child is not inclined to judge things in such a way that they fit into a certain scheme created by him, ie they corresponded with a certain pattern.

If we are able to perceive and accept circumstances that do not fit into our thought patterns, we can slow down or even suspend the stiffness of our brain. The prerequisite is not to resist new stimuli and experiences and not to lose interest in new things. So think in some respects as dt.

6.Let’s focus on the whole and the details

A number of weights and decisions fail, especially in that they help to determine the details, which later learn to be essential for the show. However, it is true that the first picture of the whole cannot be made from the details. I know the old way about how to blindly examine your elephant, which of them touches his other, and who thus reaches another view, as it is called.

Therefore, if we consider a certain problem and look at a number of its long aspects, we should not lose sight of everything in its entirety. It is important to see this in the right context.

7.Let’s not think the way it is from us

One of the biggest disorders of early washing is the tendency to think like everyone else, or in the way we think.

This is a situation captured by Hans Christian Andersen in his well-known fairy tale Csa’s Novelty. Everyone, and to the little boy, a certain land of the collective brainwashed. They let themselves be told that they were wearing noble costumes and costumes. They did not see or be able to admit that he is in fact naked.

The tendency to think in this way is not only lost to individuals or groups, but also to the entire company of the organization. In addition to their own code, the two members often directly or indirectly indicate how they should think. The result is that innovation. Often these are organizations that independently consider their letters vemon brno, for example, because any activity values ​​more positive than critical washing.

Therefore, if we do not want to drink our ability to think first, we should not fall into the habit of keeping what we think from others.

To sum it up, we all, or at least most of us, have the ability to think clearly from proda. It is an ability that is a bite of human entertainment. However, a problem is often caused by the nature of our ability to think in various ways, or we even block it. In our reasoning, let’s find out the errors caused by the remaining code.

If we get rid of the tendency to fall into the wrong assumptions, start with quick twists and mechanically take over the views of others, if we maintain our openness in another view, the ability to see the whole and details and often interest in the new, it is considered child podrme. And often even a dog growing lta.

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