Shares lost ground, funds stuck

After good arrests, our markets at home and across the Atlantic fell and wrote a bad week. The performance of the fund was reflected on me, you could not expect. In addition, after a week of sales, they recorded a sharp number of sales.

Although the markets in the USA pulled down on the water market after free Monday, however, during the day only investors decided to buy and the indices could end the first trading day in the red. The positive mood did not materialize until the next day, so despite good macro data, the markets fell. This was mainly due to concerns about the adverse effects, which were most pronounced in the semiconductor sector.

As concerns gradually waned over the course of the week, the market was not helped to grow by the falling price of oil. With the exception of a five-minute early recovery, the shares fell and by the end of the week, the technology sector paid the most (DJIA -1,56 %, Nasdaq -2,58 %, S&P 500 -1,47 %).

After the unsuccessful previous week, the Prague Stock Exchange seemed to want to repair its reputation and immediately on Monday it started to fill this duty and strengthened all the titles in SPAD. Unfortunately, continued optimism did not take place here either, and the second day the fall of the title began. The very important and positive first was the condition of the share of the company ORCO Property Group to trading on the main stock market. Her stock would be so in SPADu could appear u arrest burrow.

On Wednesday, it looked like a turn for the better, but in the end the scene was similar to the previous day and most of the title ended in a nutshell. After another slump on Thursday, Unipetrol saved the situation on the market, which after a full-day slight growth only increased by 6.8 percent and ended just below 110 K. In addition to Unipetrol, only Philip Morris wrote the weekly number, the other titles ended in a lot (PX-D -0,82 %, PX 50 -0,43 %).

Performance surprised, but not surprising

When looking at the results of the stock market at home, in the USA or in Europe, the effect of equity mutual funds in the statistics of the Union of Investment Companies (UNIS) is a bit surprising. Unlike the week before, only two of them wrote a questionable performance, specifically SOB Stock Mix (-0,63 %) a PI Farmacie has

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biotechnology (-0.19%). Other funds ended up in the red, although the results are not global. The fund performed best IKS Svtovch index (+0,87 %).

The fund was managed last week, of which the fund ICS Fund Fund recorded the best performance ever (+ 1.66%). So far, money market funds have turned out, for me, bond funds and exchange funds have succeeded, among them is the fund with the worst total weekly performance, UNDER stedoevropsk (-1,18 %).

Like the fund’s performance, the same sales recorded a trend compared to the first week last week, and this week they were able to write a finger of funds in the total amount of +637.1 million K. And for the funds of the fund (-3.2 million K) all groups of the fund recorded a positive sale. The full conservatism of domestic investors is evidenced by the sales of money market funds (+448.9 mn K), after the loss week, investors returned to fund shifts (+76.0 mn K) and pensions also went to bond funds (+67.4 million) and equity (+48.1 million). However, it should be noted that the positive values ​​for the last two named groups of funds were given primarily by funds of the company ISS, shares Sporotrend (+65.6 million CZK) and bonds Sporobond (+57.7 thousand. K).

Trading according to UNIS

Type of fundThe bestThe worst
Nzev fondAs a resultNzev fondAs a result
SharesIKS Svtovch index0,87%SOB stock mix-0,63%
ISS-EUROTREND0,30%PI Farm a biotech.-0,19%
Pioneer – stock0,20%AKRO Svt0,00%
BondsSOB Quantity korunov0,17%Amslico Central European-0,79%
SOB Bond Mix0,15%IKS Plus bondov-0,28%
Funds fundICS Fund Fund 1,66%
Pennho MarketIKS Penn trh0,08%ISS SPOROINVEST0,04%
PI Pennho Market0,06%SOB entries0,00%
SmenAKRO mezinrodn flexi0,52%UNDER Stedoevropsk-1,18%
JT Opportunity CZK0,47%SOB trade-0,43%
Pioneer – dynamick0,30%ISS Entries-0,35%
is sales of mil. KISS-SPOROINVEST279,5ISS-EUROTREND-8,4
IKS Penn trh.165,4Pioneer – dynamick-8,2
ISS-SPOROTREND65,6SOB Bohatstv-6,5

Zdroj: UNIS

ING funds are spn

Even among the funds of ING Investment management, a regular increase in the statistics of certain sales of one fund, ING Czech Equity Fund, only last week helped with its net sales (+61.1 million CZK) to the overall positive balance of the fund of this company (+ 59.5 million .K). Hand in hand with certain sales, the fund’s performance, which reached an admirable 50.83% last year, earned it a 5-star rating from Morningstar and is ranked among the world’s best funds by the company. Like the Czech shares, Slovak bonds succeeded last year, as evidenced by the performance of the Slovak Bond Fund (+ 8.15%).

ISS expands the offer of premium deposits

Due to the positive acceptance of the most important premium deposits, in which ISS clients have invested CZK 600 million since November, the company has entered the market with a new tmsn variant. As is the case with the plron version, here too clients have a safe rate of 0.30% pa and a premium rate (together I can get an input of 3.8% pa), which the client will receive if the tax condition is met on the specified day before the due date. the range in which the current exchange rate of the koruna against the US dollar must move. Premium deposits are similar to other deposits in banks, but they are also taxable.

Do you think the domc stock market will repeat the excellent results of last year and this year? Drink us your gears, we’ll be tit.

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