Some professions have a guaranteed annual salary and 24,400 crowns

From January 2018, the minimum wage in the Czech Republic rose to 12,200 crowns, and together with it, the guaranteed wage also increased. In certain Czech professions, there is a guarantee that the employer will pay them at least 24,400 crowns gross this year. This fee applies to full-time work at 40 hours a week.

But be careful. The lowest level of guaranteed wages in the private sector is not guaranteed for all professions in the same world. He is stepped down according to how the work is composed, responsible and tough. According to these criteria, the specific professions of employees working in the private sector are divided in the Czech Republic into eight groups.

For example, they belong to seven groups, and so in 2018 they are guaranteed that they will earn at least 22,100 crowns gross. He gave the medical profession, you a sled, are included in the type of group in which the lowest wage is set at 13,500 crowns gross. And in general, nurses or midwives fall into five groups with a guaranteed wage of 18,100 crowns gross.

The lowest level of guaranteed wages by profession (in K)
GroupIn an hour in 2017In an hour in 2018For msc in hand 2017For msc in hand 2018
1.6673,2011 00012 200
2.72,9080,8012 20013 500
3.80,5089,2013 40014 900
4.88,8098,5014 80016 400
5.98,10108,8016 40018 100
6.108,30120,1018 10020 000
7.119,60132,6019 90022 100
8.132146,4022 00024 400
source: nazen vldy. 286/2017 Sb.

For employees working in the public sector who receive a salary, the level of gross income is divided according to the salary to which their work currently falls. The first group includes, for example, work in the 1st and 2nd wages td, the 8th group then includes work in the 15th and 16th wages td.

For both the minimum and the guaranteed wage, if the wage does not reach or the wage is not set equal to it, the employer is obliged to provide the employee with a supplement, warns Gabriela Ivanco from Mazars.

If you want to find out how much your profession falls and what your guaranteed salary is in the Czech Republic for 2018, you have to go through the multi-pitched area, which is connected to the government prince.

For a basic orientation, we pay the guaranteed monthly currency and wage hours for selected professions, which pay for the year 2018.

Group 1msn salary 12,200 K, hours 73.20 K

This group includes simple manipulation of work and work of the same type. The guaranteed wage is equal to the minimum wage.

Profession: incl.

2nd groupmsn salary 13,500 K, hours 80.80 K

This includes simple professional work, such as working with a frame back and with precisely defined inputs, with the possibility of choosing another procedure.

Profession: Guide of downhill groups with a deposit, goes for a battery cart in the building, ms sms PVC, ash, housekeeper, coop, service in the dining room, ambulance, care service

3rd groupmsn salary 14,900 K, hours 89.20 K

This includes a professional variety of work with back according to the usual procedures, with specified inputs as well as procedures and links to other processes.

Profession: cashier, repair of electrical and thermal supplies, invoicer, laboratory assistant, stick, cadence, chimney, watch repair, photographer, gate, salesman, kitchen, slaughterhouse cutter, bartender, nk

Group 4msn salary 16,400 K, hours 98.50 K

This includes professionally specialized work with a separate wheel.

Profession: wage ethn, guide with interpretation, flight technician, helmsman, kitchen specialist, hospitality worker, independent laboratory assistant, thing, professional tailoring in models and custom manufacturing, engraver, masonry, installer, heating

Group 5msn salary 18,100 K, hours 108.80 K

The group includes specialized and work systems with a separate wheel.

Profession: personnel and payroll, independent tax specialist, property manager, transports more than 16 people, social first counselor, cameraman, instructor in the driving school, educator, general nurse, midwife

Group 6msn salary 20,000 K, hours 120.10 K

There are systems of specialized work that require, for example, a degree of abstract washing and imagination.

Profession: researcher, conductor, interpreter of word and non-vocal roles, development worker, special pedagogue, psychologist in healthcare, administrator of the computer technology system, creator of personal concepts, biomedical engineering

Group 7msn salary 22,100 K, hours 132.60 K

This group includes three systems of work with a high demand for the creation of washing.

Profession: financial analyst, manager of marketing studies, development of applications and operating systems, architect, researcher of various artistic works, independent researcher, pedagogical activity and education student, lecturer, dentist, pharmacist

Group 8msn salary 24,400 K, hours 146.40 K

This group also includes the four labor systems and the most innovated fields, which are very mentally inherent, because they require the creation of washing in a highly abstract level.

Profession: financial and capital market, research and development of researchers, corporate, business and financial strategy, research and development activities in the educational student and in the training of researchers and artists.

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