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US stock markets have recovered from a period of dampening, as evidenced by the interesting growth of all major indices. On the contrary, the stock market crack and the new stock market hit the stock market in an unspecified week. Domk podlov funds withstood good performance from the previous week and in the number of assets help them so very good sales.

Uncertainty from the end of the week in the US market has disappeared and shares have been able to move upwards since day one. And on the weak Thursday, the growth trend continued and by the end of the week. Right from the arrest of the week, all positive company results flowed to the market, and the growth was helped by the falling price of oil. The good results of the companies practically negated the rates of the US central bank back in the expected years.

Although the mere increase in interest rates triggered a short-term wave of sales, the continued positive results meant a quick return to purchases and gave the market a growth day. The fourth business was influenced mainly by the poor results of Amazon, which of course added the most Nasdaq, the last day the bag again meant growth on all fronts, and all major indices could write interesting weekly fingers (DJIA + 2.7%, Nasdaq +2, 5%, S&P 500 + 2.7%).

The stock exchange, unlike in previous weeks, recorded a past week with a stagnant trend. The biggest extremes in the week were recorded by shares of Unipetrol and Orco Property Group. Unipetrol recorded its highest losses (-4.4%) in recent weeks after steep growth in recent weeks. fully controlled, although the shares of Orco, which were immediately expected, behaved as expected

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On the first day of the stock market, they recorded a sharp rise, and even after five declines they ended the week sharply in the red (+ 6.1%).

The shares of Philip Morris tabs (+ 3.1%) were presented with an interesting weekly finger, during the week they even exceeded the 19,000 K limit. Speculation about the privatization of the Czech telecom to the company’s actions is visibly unsuccessful and, after a volatile course, ended the week in a row (-1.7%). After a very short period of a week, the SPAD segment index got into the red zone in the past, on the other hand, the PX 50 index also recorded at least a slight increase. (PX-D -0.78%, PX 50 + 0.28%)

With performance, the desire to invest grows

Although domestic equity stocks have passed a week and investors have not been enthusiastic, the same is not true of domestic mutual funds in UNIS investment statistics. To the delight of the fund, the fund was successful in performance, and only three funds ended up in disputed values.

The equity fund did the most PI ropnho a energetickho prmyslu (+ 0.38%), the bag could not be embarrassed either PI new economy (+1,95 %) a ISS Sporotrend (+ 1.95%). This was the case with the exchange of funds, which reigned over the fund with the second highest

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tdenn vkonnost (+2.08%), AKRO mezinrodn flexibiln. By more than one percent in the weekly performance, both funds received funds, ISS Globaltrend (+1,46 %) i ICS Fund Fund (+1,02 %).

The investor’s willingness to invest also seems to grow with positive performance. All fund groups recorded a finger in certain sales, and together they recorded a good 804.7 million CZK. Of course, money market funds (+540.3 million CZK) stuck the most. Bond funds (+102.3 million CZK) recorded very good sales, mainly due to their service ISS Sporobondu (+101.5 million CZK). The exchange of funds (+ K92.9 million) in the year with the fund sold out IKS Balancovan (+46.5 thousand. K).

Trading according to UNIS

Type of fundThe bestThe worst
Nzev fondAs a resultNzev fondAs a result
SharesPI Rop. a energet.3,28%AKRO Svt0,00%
PI Nov economy1,95%ISS-EUROTREND0,30%
ISS-SPOROTREND1,95%IKS Svtovch index0,48%
BondsSOB Quantity korunov0,94%AMSLICO stredoeurp.-0,75%
SOB Bond Mix0,93%ISS-S corportn 0,30%
Funds fundISS-GLOBALTREND1,46%
ICS Fund Fund1,02%
Pennho MarketIKS Penn trh0,12%SOB entries0,05%
PI Pennho Market0,12%Pioneer-Sporokonto0,08%
SmenAKRO mezinrodn flexi2,08%AMSLICO foreign growth-0,05%
SOB Quantity combine.1,37%J&T Opportunity SKK-0,03%
PI Smen1,16%J&T AM Druh KSIO-0,01%
is sales of mil. KISS SPOROINVEST275,3SOB Bohatstv-9,1
IKS Penn trh261,7Pioneer-dynamick-7,6
ISS-SPOROBOND101,5J&T AM Perspektiva-4,0

Zdroj: UNIS

The foreign fund has been doing more

According to statistics from UNIS and the Association for the Capital Market (AKAT), assets in foreign and domestic mutual funds grew by K 18.13 billion to K 169.20 billion last year, which represents nrst by 12%. At the same time, in the last quarter alone, funds recorded an asset growth of K 8.24 billion, which means 5.1% in percentage terms. Assets in domestic funds in UNIS increased by CZK 3.99 billion (+ 3.8%) for the whole year to CZK 109.16 billion (+ CZK 3.05 billion (+ 2.9%) in the last quarter) ), foreign funds in AKAT increased their assets by a total of K 14.14 billion (+ 30.8%) to K 60.05 billion (+ K5.2 billion (+ 9.5%) in the last quarter) .

Money market funds recorded the largest share of assets (+18.92 billion K), so hedge funds gained great popularity (+5.78 billion K.) Equity funds recorded a growing trend (+ 3.78 billion K). On the contrary, most funds flowed from the bond fund (-4.86 billion K) and the smench fund (-4.49 billion K). The funds of the fund (-1.01 billion CZK) ended up in the July hearing.

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