SSD drank again with her food tax

Bohuslav Sobotka, a member of the Social Democracy, again proposed a VAT reduction in Snmovn. Its rate is now nine percent, Sobotka suggests pt. The Social Democrat is trying to push through again, but for now, the deputies are not in a hurry.

“The government blessed the outside. It did not anticipate that there would be such an effect on price growth in R. Average inflation was around seven percent, “said Bohuslav Sobotka in Snmovn. .

Measures to reduce inflation at the end of five years. According to her rates, the tax on food and lky. The measure would therefore concern mainly the people who belong to their income groups, Sobotka recalled.

Businesses should then pay for the loss of public budgets. According to him, Sobotka suggested that the company, which now reaches 21% and is dreaming, has remained stable.

There will probably be no gasoline
MEPs spoke about the efforts of another member of the Social Democracy, Milan Urban. He called on the government to enforce gasoline consumption taxes. – tte Urban wants it, the ministry is against

However, Michal Doktor from the ODS reminded that the Czech Republic must meet the limits set by the European Union. Although they sail according to the current exchange rate, the new exchange rate is decisive and the salary from the end of the year is still valid. Urbanv nvrh is therefore, according to the Doctor, “out of mass”.

Minister of Finance Miroslav Kalousek also refused. “I will not suggest anything like that,” said Kalousek. “In other words, the government didn’t do anything like that,” the TK agency quoted him as saying.

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