Step 5: Sweat your income tax yourself

If the internet is available for everyone, you will find a lot of calculators on it, which you will spend on income. If you do not have access to the wall, or you just want to know how to sweat, you will find the following instructions on how to get income tax.

First you need to find out your tax base. According to his ve, enter the pslunho daovho psma and sweat vi dan. To do this, see the table at the end of this text.

How to do it?

1. It is easiest for people who are only employees. Do not have a day to give income from other activities and give the tax to pay yourself only for the sake of common taxation. They will find their tax base on a certificate of taxable income, which will expose them to their wages and thorns.

2. The people who, in addition to their employment, somehow live or do business on their own, have something to do with it.

You must proceed as follows:

■ If you earn a full-time employment relationship, you must pay the payroll tax or pay the author’s fee, in addition to paying health and social insurance, in order to pay tax on the basis of a certificate from the employer.
■ The entrepreneur takes the income from the business, deducts the expenses from them (actually according to ethnicity and according to the tax records or the percentage of flat expenses) and payments to the insurance company. The tax is then deducted from the non-taxable amount of tax, such as years of life, payments for life insurance, gifts and the like. As a result, the tax base will be rounded down to hundreds of crowns.

3. Now you have to compare the tax base with the following table, help you enter the long data dog. Then spot how much and your total will give.

■ If someone has a tax deposit of not less than 121,200 crowns, their tax is 12 percent of the amount they received as a tax deposit.
■ For tax deposits in the range of 121,200 and 218,400 crowns and for 14,544 crowns plus 19 percent of the deposit exceeds 121,200 crowns.
■ Similarly, sweat is given in the other two tax dogs.

Opt vm pomhme s danmi

Pklad vpotu and

The first example is based on a sample tax letter that we covered in the bottom of the area. In nmel, manel opted for a joint tax and the tax base of each of them ultimately amounted to 149,500 crowns.

4. You calculated da, but it’s not in. You can now apply for discounts. And you would be against yourself if you didn’t. Odest can be:

7200 korun sm na sebe;
■ 6000 crowns (or 500 crowns msn) if you have a dt that you develop, only one of the parents can apply this stunt;
■ 4200 crowns (or 350 crowns for each month of permanent marriage), if your income is dependent on a manel who issued less than 38 040 crowns in 2006, in case the man has a ZTP / P order, you will deduct 8400 crowns (resp. 700 crowns per msc);
■ 1500 crowns (or 125 crowns per month), if you receive a disability pension;
■ 3000 crowns (or 250 crowns for
msc) if you receive a fully invalidity pension;
■ 9600 crowns (or 800 crowns per msc), if you are the holder of the ZTP / P order;
■ 2400 crowns (or 200 crowns per MSc), if you are a student (up to 26 years, in the case of doctoral studies
do 28 let).

5. stka, is paid in the last step, is the income tax you pay. If you do not want to list an elephant or give an order to the castle, compare the sweaty tax with the one you paid for it. If you are an entrepreneur, you keep your own records, employees will ask for proof of income. Only now put it in the drawer, which you will have to pay extra.

If you have paid more in the sums, not the tax you have calculated, do not rely on your pension to justify your pension just apart. Hand on the fourth side of the tax return for the return of the surcharge.

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