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Whoever waited in the case of American actions on the water of the year of the purchase of heat, he must have been somewhat disappointed. Markets fell virtually a week and ended deeply in dispute. On the contrary, the Czech stock exchange entered the new year very sharply, and with above-average volumes, practically all important titles recorded a sharp increase.

The dog a great deal of US stock markets passed the week very disappointed. Although the technology Nasdaq rose sharply after the market opened, the session eventually closed with a loss of one percent. Potent optimism caused by the fall in oil prices and the slcm dollar turned into a wave of sales during the day, and it did not miss the Dow Jones industrial index.

Sales culminated in a loss in all markets. The Nasdaq weakened the most, with the semi-sector declining. The collapse of the action was mostly “helped” by the Fed’s comments on future inflation and thus the weakening dollar. In the end, even good macro data did not help the market.

Wednesday was deadly in the American markets volatiln, when first in the persistence of the day before prices fell, then gave them a fall in oil prices helped them to grow. Without a positive shift, optimism in the market did not last long, and fears of inflation dragged the markets down. The biggest decline was recorded by airlines, which do not help the price of wolves, the price of domestic tickets is too low. Even in the middle, the markets in ervench hearing ended.

After those days of decline, the horse markets were able to write their first growth day of the week on Thursday. Traders thus preferred to open new positions after those days of sales. The day on the market was affected by the declining price of oil, which had a negative impact on the shares of oil companies. During the day, however, the trend reversed and the external market was not affected at first, even from the labor market, which was in line with the truth. Thus, the US markets experienced losses last week, which were most pronounced in the technology sector (DJIA -1,67 %, Nasdaq -4,05 %, S&P 500 -2.15%). Fans of the January trend could, however, be able to do so in five weeks, when the position is expected to open up and the growth of the action is connected with it.

Rocket nstup Burk burst

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Unlike the US market Burst stock market started the new year in style and remained in the January shopping trend practically all week. Right on Monday, the PX 50 index was able to exceed its historical highs, and this was not the last time. And on Unipetrol, which after the end of the year started to lose a bit of pace, all titles sharply strengthened. The Czech Telecom did the best, with the electric maximum of EZ and pharmaceutical Zentiva outperforming their historical maximum, and after a bad December, Komern banka also showed itself in good light.

At that time, the Prague Stock Exchange continued at a rocket pace and all titles suddenly improved. After being announced at first by nine beneficiaries in privatization, the Czech Telecom rose to the 400 K level, Komern banka exceeded the 3,400 crowns level and the EZ reached 350 K. After the slow Monday start-up of Unipetrol, Zentiva, which did not stay in the new frontier, has swung over 800 K per share.

On Wednesday, the result of the previous days began to show on the market and investors began to think about the realization of tunch profit caused by the rapid growth of stock prices. Although the markets ended this day with a slight increase, an unexpected correction of the bag arrived on the markets on Thursday. Apart from Unipetrol, they lost everyone SPADov titles. The largest losses were recorded by Komern banka, followed by EZ and esk Telecom.

Unlike Thursday, Komern banka was the most successful. Foreign investors responded positively to the information that banks accounted for a large sum in payments to the Fund. Thanks to high activity and above-average volumes, the Czech stock market was able to register among the best in the world since the beginning of the year, as evidenced by such a strong weekly number of both major indices (PX-D +3,6 %, PX 50 +3,8 %).

Most companies in UNIS have taken advantage of the possibility of peruit trading

As the Securities and Exchange Commission allowed investment companies to announce a share price and their sale and repurchase on 31 December 2004 and 6 January 2005 on the proposal of the Presidency of the Union of Investment Companies (UNIS), and most of the patron companies used this option, we provide a comprehensive weekly results of mutual fund management and five weeks.

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As of January 5, 2005, the statutes of mutual funds managed by B-Trust, which merged with Pioneer and became the manager of these mutual funds. The fund’s investment policy and business conditions are not affected.

The fund companies KBC / SOB and ING performed exceptionally in the first week of the new year and recorded a significant increase in assets in certain sales. Among ING’s funds, the largest investor and means of bonds, ING esk fond bond – CAP with net sales of K 81.7 million, followed by last year’s best fund ING esk equity fund – CAP (+29.1 million K ). In total, ING funds recorded sales of CZK 125.4 million in KB. sales in vi 145.2 million K.

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