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Brank Petr Ech was paid a hundred percent salary by his employer, the Chelsea football club, but he received a punch of “only” seven percent in the crowns. The sending of the crown ate the pensions of thousands of other people who saved their dispute in foreign monks.

The euro weakened by 18.86 percent over the year and the dollar fell by 28.24 percent. This condemned foreign exchange to the category of the most lost investments. This can also be seen in the volume of deposits held by domestic households in Czech banks in foreign currencies. According to the Czech National Bank, households deposited two-thirds of these deposits in euros.

Since 2002, those Czech families have “lost” money by 28 percent. Deposits in pepotan dollars to crowns have even halved.

NB statistics deposit in foreign currencies immediately turn to the koruna – therefore it is not clear whether the volume of deposits fell only by the depreciation of the exchange rate or even the fact that the people began pensions in large wages to the koruna.

“When people find out how their deposit in pepot has depreciated, they logically collect their pensions and turn them into crowns,” said David Marek from Patria Finance.

Deposits in foreign currency are aggregate with the involvement of companies and other institutions. They have a total of 249 billion crowns deposited in Czech banks, and the volume of deposits increased by 27 billion a year. According to Mark, this was mainly caused by the growing economy.

“Companies have been trading more abroad and need a foreign currency for that. For example, don’t buy oil for crowns, ”Marek explained.

Although banks for deposits in euros twice cling not to the Czech currency, the state pays to settle their disputes on crowns and let them fly under the field.

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There are two banks that make it a pension. According to their report, this is not a significant decline. “The volume of client deposits in euros and dollars in recent months,” says Kristna Havligerov, a Czech savings bank.

For example, the people who put their pensions on those abroad will also earn euros for crowns. According to Ivana Dudkov from Sparkasse Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien in Germany, new clients will therefore also be offered a deposit in Czech Korunch.

People who have married a foreigner can spend a bag on the gym. Last year, the euro-denominated debt covered only the exchange rate appreciation years without any problems and even debt. According to Libor Vejdlek from Komern banka’s investment banking, interest in euros is growing, especially among companies.

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About how much% you like me
Icelandic koruna46,30 %
British book30,80 %
The US dollar28,84 %
Australian dollars21,27 %
vdsk koruna20,72 %
Norsk koruna19,72 %
Euro18,86 %
Japanese yen18,67 %
vcarsk frank16,50 %
Maarsk forint11,94 %
Polish rally4,63 %
Source: NB exchange rate list, sending the koruna exchange rate for the last 12 months

“Behind this decision, however, is not speculation about the future course, but the effort to export naturally,” added Vejdlek. vry in other monks, many years, vary the rate, but the exchange rates appreciated it without any problems.

The koruna appreciated the most in the Icelandic currency over the past year, adding a lot to the British. The relatively smallest losses were, for example, in the Hungarian forint or the Polish zloty.

“The British pound is one of the main currencies where we are weakening against the euro and the dollar,” said Radim Dohnal of Saxo Bank. The pound in the turn of the year equals 25.40 and 26.00. According to him, most countries will fall in most countries, where the weak economy and the central bank are lowering rates for years.

Do you have a pension in another monk and do you want to let them go? Analysts like to pay a pension to et. “Movements in the du msc are hardly predicted, so that the koruna will strengthen in the long run,” estimates David Marek.

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