Thanks to my work, I learned to read, to sing Matj Ruppert

He sang like a boy, down the hall, in the bathroom, in the bathroom. On the middle round, he started various bands with his friends. Today he is a professional singer, the frontman of the Monkey Business group. It is an interplay of coincidence and a great tst. I met the right people and the right people, to Matj Ruppert about his work.

When Matj Ruppert finished his middle school round, he started working for a film as a runner. I was such a girl for everything, but it was perfect for a young hunter. At that time, it never occurred to me that one day I would make a living singing, first. He first met a colleague from the band, Pavel Mrzek, at the film. And he once heard me sing and said to me: look, we’re just getting a song, doesn’t he want to try it? And it was.

That’s how he got into Monkey Business. The band’s founding dates back to the first concert, which took place in May 2000. At that time, Matj got to the conservatory, but did not last long in the round. Prce and uen didn’t get along very well.

Reinforcement with Monkey Business has been the work for him since the arrest of the year 1. And he is still there. I like hipsters, he also plays a role in a movie or some bands hire him as a singer.

Even after seventeen years, he enjoys working and swimming. For me, it’s not a job, but a device that I’m quite sunny. He will make a living as a manager. His working day is hard to describe. When he’s not working with colleagues on a new record or a movie, he has a lot of free time in a week and I can take care of my family and two little daughters. And then there’s Thursday, when the band goes to the region. He returns home on Sunday.

I have to think of a thin msce

The only rock in the freelance art life is that it doesn’t work regularly. You will not receive a payment by the 15th in the month. You also have to learn to work with finance. And I haven’t been able to do that for a long time. I got pr tisc for the concert, he was thrilled about it and I spent it the next day. Only then, in January, there were more burrows, which are thin for us, as well as November, and he was left without pensions. I both had to drink from friends. She is especially sticky, the song smiles.

But Finann polt not only due to how to thin periods, but he has to deal with the fact that when he gets sick, he will not be sick. This happened to me in lt, when I got sick and I couldn’t work for almost two months. I spent a lot of money, but in recent years I can learn, and the family has managed the financial downfall, to Matj.

And how is the musician actually paid? For example, in the Queen groups, they shared all paid pensions in equal shares. Even the tantimes of the first were divided into three parts. For us, it works so that the rewards for the concert, for the edges, we all have the same. We’ll all do the same work there. But the rest of the pension that the band gets, such as a hundred sponsorship pensions or income from Intergram, was paid according to whoever did the work in this regard. We agreed on that, it’s fair, explains Matj Ruppert.

The band has seven musicians, one manager, sound engineer, two techniques, lighting, idia, laser operator. And when necessary, the band hires a technician. He plays every weekend.

Concerts, corporate events or festivals are arranged by the manager. For a corporate event or a performance at a festival, we usually take a fixed share, plus we pay technical support, ie stage, sound, lights, to Matj Ruppert. He doesn’t want to divulge how the fixed band is specific, just like other bands of the same type. So, in particular, a few average salaries.

The edges in the club make the sweat a little different. The band will agree with the applicant in advance on a fixed price for the performance, plus an extra pension in the case of a large audience. And then there are our own concerts, like the ones that took place last week in the crack of Lucerne. These are our own events, so we pay everything, we rent services, floors, lighting, apartments, advertising. But again, the entrance is after them.

In total, the band will play 70 and 80 concerts, various corporate events and similar events. We don’t actually rehearse because we play continuously all year round. But as long as they are, they are so consistent, tikrt tyikrt to a year. First of all, we leave the families, and we deal with changes in the repertor and news, to Matj Ruppert, according to whom these meetings are important.

Our land has limits, we have to deal with them. In a year we will eat it one and pl krt. In some cities we can afford to play twice, in spring and autumn, but in other cities it is once for fans to drink. We also meet for her for our repertor, but even you costumes, change in those cycles during the year, reveals the strategy of nine hundred years of singing.

Seventeen years together – isn’t that much?

And the new board? The band has quite a lot of songs, the pesto is for once in a while. Optimally once every two and three years. Today, the record is nothing from a financial point of view. It’s just such a dragon I listen to and be reminded. We need a sponsor for the record and the video clips. We have a stable and great cooperation with one company. This gives each year a certain amount of money. For this, it is associated with our name, advertising at concerts and reserved space for its partners, employees.

The band has been playing in the dark without change for seventeen years. Long time on mon unzipped. But we haven’t had a major problem during all that time. And we managed to leave for Tonya Graves, which was a huge change. According to the overwhelming majority, problems in the dark arise at a time when people are beginning to think that they should have a different position. These ambitions u ns nectm. Milerd, I will take over the idea of ​​someone else, when I know that it is better than, among other things. We are simply all satisfied with our roles, to Matj. First he is the most visible of the band, should I go to the dark?

And I don’t think so, I’m a clerk. Natst her mm u only on the day of the concert. With every concert, zante from scratch. It’s about a thousand reprints, you’re the same km: what will I be wrong about today? It’s not even a question of whether I’m going to get here or there or forget the text, that’s what happens. There are many mountains of what I will hang among the dogs. I am the one who takes the evening and I am very responsible for it, remarks the frontman of Monkey Business and adds: Every time I go to the stage, I only want to – I start the concert in time, so that the people can enjoy it and leave with a feeling, if nothing happened.

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