The bird will be missing hundreds of thousands of liters of milk on the market, it should not be reduced

The Agrrn Chamber confirmed that the bird’s delivery was ten percent silent. This corresponds to about 600 thousand cm liters. The restrictions were approved by the Agrrn Chamber Commodity Board. esk mlkrny, but even a dog failure should not have problems.

The TK agency informed about it. It is not clear how long the restriction will last.

Agrarian analyst Petr Havel is also convinced of the minimal impact on the market. “In my opinion, this will not affect the prices or quantities of small products in the dark. Our shortcomings may compensate for the lack of silence from abroad. He also added that the average prices of small products in the EU are roughly lower than ours, or even possible imports would not increase prices, “he stated.

In addition, according to Havel, in recent months the prices of milk and milk products have fallen slightly and the only effect, as limited by the supply of milk, would be such that this fall in prices will stop.

that farmers support limited German colleagues, who give their purchase prices in silence.

There are limits in Germany
Problems with silence were found in Germany. In some areas, they are even limited by purchases. In the Saxon town of Marienberg, customers can remove a maximum of one carton.

In the Aldi store at the other end of town, they didn’t even have it at all after noon on Wednesdays. Yoghurts are now a shortcoming in Saxony.

A number of small towns and cities throughout Germany sent a “small panic”. Nmet farms blocked the mists, where not even their colleagues could go. They canceled the block in the middle, – vce tte The Germans canceled the blockade of silences, protest

The lack of small products puts sales worries. Veronika Ullrichov, who owns the Bmische Konzum store in the center of Pirna and used to go to them before the health, which affected the country at the middle of the year (then grew), again thinks that it will run for small products. Because of their health in Saxony.

Nmci zatm mlko v esku nenakupuj

However, the lack of silence did not make the German trade harder in the strong sweat. On the one hand, they stopped going to the Czech Republic for food due to strong crowns and changing health, on the other hand, Sasov, like the inhabitants of other cities in Germany, obeyed their farm and supported them with the purchase of German products.

“We did not notice any strong support. He buys the same people as two, ”said MF DNES Petr Vyhnlek, CEO of Globus.

First in front of this hypermarket, there were a number of parked cars with German license plates in the center of Chomutov. There could have been more than a quarter of them. All the seniors were shoppers from Saxony.

“We are watching the action. If something pays off in Chomutov, let’s buy there, ”said Silke Brauerov from the village of Reitzenhein, which is right on the border. “But I personally buy here quietly,” she added. Her husband, with a calculator, took the prices of whatever they wanted to buy.

Milk prices on the rise
In Pirn and Drany, unlike small villages near the border, the situation is simple, there are a number of supermarkets and hypermarkets. However, farmers warn that the rules of trade can be empty even in large cities and prices will fly up here as well. In the first half of the year, the prices of small products in Germany rose by 5.7 percent, in Saxony even by more than 7 percent.

And so it is not true for a type of meat, for example, the popular Mller yoghurts, which are also sold in our country at prices between 13 and 17 crowns, are much cheaper in Germany, similar to, for example, cheese from Bavaria.

Madeta is also quiet
The small crisis also hit the Czech manufacturer of small products. And the largest domestic mistletoe, Madeta, should drink ten percent of the silence tomorrow. Limited deliveries were announced by farmers this week. I want to support my German colleagues.

“We will have a shortening on June 6 and it will last indefinitely. I assume that most of them will be connected, ”said Zdenk Houka from the Mlka drustva Jih, which brings together two hundred farmers from the South Bohemian Region.

According to Barbora Dakov from Madeta, the delivery will significantly disrupt the company’s production. If this happens, the company is ready to take the missing milk from other manufacturers.

“It is a noticeable loss, but not so much that it affects the operation of the whole mill,” said Barbora Dakov.

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