The bottom of the apartment: first handy, then hell, to a former businesswoman

For twenty years, the children’s tailor Jana Pokorov from the small village near Neratovice was a freelancer. for Czech and foreign companies, for individuals. But then one day she decided to end the business and go to work.

She started at the Triola company, she was equipped with Helena Bedrnová for the children’s clothing design, a Hungarian company and equipped for a hotel in Spain. It worked out. I had it at home for a long time, it seemed like a great advantage at first, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone again, to Jan Pokorn.

Many people think that working from home is appropriate. Have you changed your mind?
At first it also drank good for me, on the one hand you don’t have to pay anyone with it and on the other hand I was at home with my daughter at that time, I could also adapt my work according to n. That’s how I poured my girlfriend.

So there was a problem with them?
In that I couldn’t set a d in terms of customers. Of course, I was happy to be arrested. It just turned out that having a home for a long time means that you are at work 24 hours a day. I couldn’t set my working hours and shake. When someone called me that he didn’t have time at night or on the weekend, I couldn’t read no. I also went to the day’s day, in the evening there were customers.

Did I manage to adjust it in any way?
No, if only I had a different nature, but as a man, I can tell. It went so far that one day I just grew up. And I started working as a receptionist. But I have fun, I also got used to it again. What the hunter doesn’t realize from the arrest is that it will affect the family as well. When the customer goes after me, my husband and daughter have to think about not being home alone.

You finally got a job.
I had to, I needed among the people. It is put rocks working from home, do not talk during the day with km to talk about work and the like. I now work in a company for the production of sails, working hours and good colleagues and I am extremely satisfied there. At home they eat only.

Is it possible to live in the village as a fiddle?
It’s bad for many things. Customers came to me not only from the surrounding area, but also from Prague, I even had a man from Ostrava. And I didn’t even have a bottom ad anywhere. The problem was the bag in the prices. I thought from the arrest that I didn’t want to retire at first because I stayed in the village and also from home.

Then someone told you that they wanted something, and in between you stood as to how to pay the mortgage and so on. I later realized that this is not the case, that the mistake is in me and I have to be able to evaluate my work. Of course, most people accept the price. I then found out that it is quite a frequent problem that in short, with invaluable work, they have experience.

You’re right.
One acquaintance grew full of it and started five cakes. While the people refrained from paying for the clothes, they would pay two or three thousand for the cake. You can keep them for five years. Or the customer will tell you how much the manicure costs and how often he has to go to it, and the price for the skirt is already high. Then it started to bother me a lot.

And do people even want to keep themselves dressed? The confection is the furnace vude enough.
That’s right, so I asked the customer about it. But I claim that they do not choose in the shops, or when it comes to parties for the ball or wedding, they prefer not to rent the ones. Often, that they are afraid that they will be poni or they will not have time to shake you. Domc it is returning to fashion at all, on the internet you will find several groups where your mothers show you what they used for their children, or some of you too, handbags. I have to read that they are often really handy. There are a lot of things on the market that only support this trend.

What advice would you give to a guest?
I don’t have to go home for a long time because she and her family lose their privacy. Take care of the days and hours when the customer runs. I saw you tailoring, where they took orders on Mondays and Tues, the other days they had it. Do not set prices, or increase the price.

And so I recommend maintaining a professional relationship with customers. When someone comes to me for a long time, I feel like you are a friend and so give them a price. And most importantly, she still has a job here, after those less than twenty years, she felt so fired that I had to go to work.

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