The change of bank is not suffered. Don’t be afraid and fly

Before the bank, or several crowns, it is possible to evaluate the procedure for liquidation here in one bank and established here in another bank. However, the change in the currently related martyrdom will definitely pay off in the long run. By changing the bank, you can also contribute to a discount on banking services.

It is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance. It is not just a bag and it is only canceled here in the bank, but you have to deal with the fact that after this first step you have to follow a few more.

The only nvtva bank should be

It is usually canceled by a few minutes and there is only one bank. It is necessary to have all the necessary documents with you. Among them, for example, proof of identity (especially if two are required), the number and all payment instruments are not available here. Depending on whether you use them or not, you are responsible for the deadline.

Simply put, if you don’t even have a credit card, it can be canceled immediately. In other cases, you have to take a few months to get here.

After the expiration of the notice and the sale period, the contractual relationship will be effectively terminated and thus the balance of the balance will be terminated here. First of all, in connection with the due period, it is necessary to keep a sufficient amount of pensions here, especially in the case when there will be no exchange for the old account on the day of financing. If there is a lot of land, the bank proceeds according to the agreement on cancellation. If you have enough cancellations, you tell this bank whether you want to transfer the balance to another account (at this point it is advisable to know the new bank connection of the new one), or whether you wish to pay the pension in cash.

I don’t want to go to the branch, then you have to make a note

Canceled here always requires a written form, given that it is a termination of the contractual relationship. However, if you do not want or do not go to the bank’s branch yourself (for example, you want to cancel from abroad and the bank requires cancellation here at the branch where the bank was established, and you live elsewhere), you have very little choice. Although most banks can cancel by correspondence, they nevertheless require (and with the exception of) the owner’s signature here. He gave and at the same time the last possibility is thus granted a power of attorney of persons, who then in the bank one for However, even in this case, as the owner of the nvtv note, you still can’t avoid it. It is then a question whether it is also necessary to go to the branch for a note (keep in mind that you pay the note for the oven – about 50 crowns).

You will not forget about permanent payments, direct debits, but also about outgoing payments

If you are not sure how many valid standing orders and direct debit orders you pay and at what frequency, issue a list of them from your (original) bank. I can help you find out more about regular payments. In addition, this overview of regular payments will come in handy when they are set up in a new bank.

Notify all direct debit companies about your bank connection change, but don’t miss your employer either. Otherwise, you can easily find yourself in a situation where the bank wages the wage to your employer and at the same time does not pay the necessary collection payments from yours (eg payment of the bill, payments for housing and energy, telephone, insurance, etc.).

Some banks give their new clients a helping hand in this and, as a rule, the basis for the power of attorney needed for us. The transition between banks is then even easier.

1. ke zruen tu mjte vechny potebn doklady
(proof of identity, slot and payment instruments)
don’t forget to change your bank connection
inform all the institutions concerned
3. dnem podn dosti o zruen tu veden tu
nekon (it takes me a few more msc)
4. for a long time you can cancel the wind only with use
note (and for the ram’s signature you have to pay)

Not happy with your bank? Don’t hesitate to change it

Administrative complexity and time perspective are the most common arguments for even a dissatisfied client of a bank to cancel here and change his mind. The Finann point of view today does not play as significant a role as the two. Apart from Potovn spoitelny, you do not pay a cancellation fee anywhere. If you have any questions, the fees are associated with the cancellation of permanent payments. The contacts were affected, with regard to the use of a communication channel (usually via internet banking, free of charge, and CZK 50 for each individual order). At least their wedding is paid for it.

Even though the process of changing the bank will discourage me with its long and sometimes even disincentive, it often pays off. Especially if you pay much less elsewhere for similar, even the range of services mentioned. If a large client thinks in this reasonable way, it will result in an understandable pressure on banks and their fee policy. Migration client is very expensive for them. We don’t have to go far for the treasure. Precisely such a breeding client caused a few years ago a reduction in the price of banking services in the UK.

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