The crown is opt for a record, no one is in favor

The koruna strengthens sharply during the morning. According to Patria, it reached 24.63 K per euro. According to analysts, there is no clear motive for growth. With the exception of the situation when it fired at 23 K for a while, it is the strongest value of the currency.

“If we omit the ‘Asian flight’ at 23.00, we are talking about a new record. The reason for strengthening me did not appear. At home, we don’t have a new day at first, we are watching a tendency towards small losses on the surrounding Central European currencies, the dollar remains stronger, ”said analyst Tom Vlk from Patria.

Export losses go into the billion

Due to the koruna’s gyms, the losses of Czech exports go to billions of crowns. Their goods are breaking through borders and their competitiveness is weakening.

The singer, who has been with me for the last few months, doesn’t like the Czech language. At the end of April, she decided to stop trying to put another gym. He therefore wants to keep the proceeds from privatization in foreign currency and thus not increase the demand for crowns and thus its price. – tte Vlda wants to prevent another gym crown

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